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    Hi Prunella,

    Thanks for seeking out and giving your thoughts on v. infections!

    I've had this one off and on since mid-summer. It actually is more vulvodynia, with the tenderness on the outside, no discharge, and little or no itching inside. (With the use of the boric acid, the itching inside has increased tremendously, suggesting that this yeast--I think it's candida glabrata rather than candida albicans--was pretty much in hiding and causing "minor" symptoms until I started killing it off.)

    Over the course of a number of months, I tried the following:

    * Terazol-7 (2 courses)
    * Monistat
    * Diflucan (whole month)
    * Probiotics inserts
    * Ampotericin b inserts
    * Goldenseal inserts
    * ABX Homeopathic Yeast Tablets (but only for about 2 weeks since the contain cellulose and were putting a rash on my chest)

    My gynecologist finally prescribed boric acid capsules, 600 mg, 2x per day. These were way too strong.

    My CFS doctor had some suppositories with boric acid (300 mg) and probiotics made up. I've been using them for a month and have gotten a lot of die-off, although I don't think it's finished yet.

    He also had compounded a special external cream with a bunch of stuff in it. I'm going to have to look up the recipe.

    I'm hoping that I'm at the end of this problem, but I certainly welcome options! This is a very bad problem that I am eager to shed. (The positive thing about it is that it has made me absolutely uninterested in sugar....the idea that yeast grows in the intestines and then moves to the vagina makes me want to keep my intestines as yeast-free as possible.)

    So the Yeast long did it take to work? With your strong recommendation I'll give the homeopathic route another go-round, but I'd like an idea with regard to what to expect.

    Any other thoughts or advice? They would be terribly welcome!!!


    Hi Lisa,

    I haven't read everything here, but I noticed you are dealing with a vaginal yeast infection (if I read that right). When I was getting them I finally found a product called Yeast Guard (I think that is what it was called) at Wagreens of all places. It is a homeopathic product and worked beautifully!!!! I also inserted acidophilus vaginally. I used to be able to find it in pill form, otherwise I would take a few capsules apart and make a paste with cool water. A little trickier to do, but it works!

    I never tried boric acid suppositories, if that is what you are talking about. I did a little research back then and decided they were a little to toxic for me.

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