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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JTyre, Jul 2, 2006.

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    I have been counting/cutting carbs since March so I have a jump start on that. I have lost 21 pounds and have 31 more to lose to reach my goal (BMI) weight. Also started Pilates in March. I bought a bench. Of course, I have exercise intolerence so it is difficult. I pushed myself to keep working my part-time job as long as I could. I lasted until Dec 04.
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    That's great. I used to work out hard all the time until I got sick. It's really hard with CFIDS because aerobic exercise, which really burns off fat, can put me in bed. I think watching the carbs is good because we are so prone to hypoglycemia, which can lead to insulin resistance and even Type II Diabetes.

    Again, I want to wish you luck with the Guai. If you have qeustions, address the post to "Guai Ladies," and the others on the Guai Protocol will respond too. They are a nice bunch and we are glad to have another in our group.

    Love, Mikie
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    After I answered you on the Guai Ladies thread, I have been reading the other threads. Just wanted to chime in here...

    At times I have thought that I am HG, others not. I have gained 10 lbs while on Prednisone (grrrr) so now I am working hard to lose it.

    For me, eating lean protein, unlimited fruits and veggies and no (or only occasionally) bread, cereals, crackers works for me, and I feel better eating this way. I think the sugar is the real culprit for me...1 bite and I want MORE! I have not gone totally to the HG diet in Dr. SA's book, but try to eat a balance of protein and good carbs and very little or no sugar.

    I'm back at the gym 2-3 times/week. Most days I have to push hard to get there, but I always feel better. Doing Pilates is hard...good for you.

    Way to go, Jackie, on your weight loss!!!! Have you used the website It is a great tool that helps me keep track of not only calories but percentages of carbs, protein, etc. And it is free!

    All for now...have a good day everyone...Ann

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