PS: To those having to take Pred. et al.

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    I have had no irregularity on any blood work except for a very mild type of diabetes I treat by diet (I've gotten to where it is often hard to eat so I eat a liquid diet and it works wonders for my type of diabetes), and too many epith. cells and that is from the sloughing in my kidneys from the lowering of external steroids.

    For taking Pred. for six years I am very blessed that there are no liver readings out of limits; however as we all know until I am completely free from the stores, I won't get a completely valid blood test. I have lost 60 lbs. from the time I ceased...well I decreased from 40 on down to 1mg. over a goodly time,..Cushings Syndrome is too high a price for me to continue to have paid.

    Those of you that are NOT on any steroids, make certain you have your doc make baseline blood readings prior to any steroids you may have to take. AND there ARE some conditions for which you have little choice or die.

    Thanks again. CactusLil'