Psoriasis anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chipsee, Nov 13, 2005.

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    I'm new here,but not to fibro...I was ill for 3 years before being diagnosed in '98.The years have not been easy,but I have learned to live with the fact that I'll never be cured.I think I've been through everything you can go through with this scourge.Among the worst that I'm dealing with at this time,besides fog brain and fatigue is psoriasis.It hurts so bad that it makes me break down in tears.Do any of you have this?
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    Welcome, and you know that if you edit the title of your post, or just post again, and just put in the title that you are new here, you will get a lot more replies!

    I am nearing 55 and have had fibro and lupus since I was 10.

    I have a lot of severe pain, fatigue, weakness, and brain fog, too.

    And ... I have so much pain from other problems, too (see my bio) that I'm getting to point that it's becoming hard for me to handle.

    Now .... to the psoriasis. Yuck! Such a horrible problem, too!

    I have scalp psoriasis. It is all over my scalp and I have tried every product out there. It is a constant battle, and I'm losing it!

    I don't have psoriasis on my skin, thank heavens, so I can't advise you on it.

    Have you seen a dermatologist about it? If you haven't, do a search on the internet and read absolutely everything that you can find on it, and make a list of comments you have after reading to ask the doc.

    You can also put it in the search feature of this board (at the top of the page on the left hand side) and see what other posts come up about psoriasis.

    Hope you find something to help,
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    psoriasis help 04/25/04 06:07 PM

    In my research about aloe (aloe vera) for blood sugar imbalances and candida I found that it is very helpful for psoriasis and I emailed my research to a friend who has a husband with psoriasis.

    Take the search engine google or any good search engine and put aloe psoriasis in it.

    I can't recommend any particular site because I have never actually had to use aloe for this. You can do the research. This is hopefully a starting point for you.



    P.S. And Aloe is very good for the immune system and digestive system, among many other things. I am beginning 2 oz. a day.
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    Psoriasis relief 02/19/05 03:04 PM

    Hi LIbralady,

    I used to have Psoriasis and it is all gone and has been for quite a while. After a long study of the problem, I have found that a lot of things are involved into creating Psoriasis. First of all, the body cleaning products that you and your huby use and second the food that you both eat.

    Take a look at products used by most people: " strong Laundry soaps, strong shower soaps, strong bath soaps, strong dish soaps, all purpose soaps / cleaners, unknown strong hair shampoos, unknown hair conditioners, etc. It may be cheaper to buy any of these products but it is the worse ones to damage your skin. "

    Take a look at food that we eat: " hotdogs, hamburgers, beef, pork, hot pizzas, can soups, various pop(coke, pepsi, oranges, etc.), relish, mustard, vinegar, anything dipped in preserves such as sweet and sour pickles, beets, etc. All fruits can be just a bad for psoriasis. You must reduce all those intakes.

    The first thing to do, is to start using all natural products for the body, including Laundry soaps, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, Foam Bath, Shower gel, Hair shampoo, Hair coditioner and finally moisturizing body cream(goat's milk cream is the best). As for special baths, use natural foam bath soap and acquire " Doak Oil " from the pharmacy and add two table spoons full to each bath. Apply lots of moisturizing cream to all dry skin areas.

    The second thing you must do, is to cut down on the food and drink items stated above and start reading each and every bottles / containers, etc. Eat a lot of fish, chicken, turky, etc. Now, something that you never expected and it is to take cod liver oil pills / capsules daily. This will help nutralize body acids. If you need more help, let me know and I will direct you somewhere for further help.

    Good luck

    God speed



    Another Libra here too 02/19/05 04:50 PM

    I have had psoriasis outbreaks too. The worst one I ever had was in my crotch (ugh). I agree with the previous poster about the health and beauty products we use. Once I switched over to an unscented, natural shower gel I had much less problem in that area. The chemicals and the fragrance aggravates the psoriasis.

    I am heavy so I get it in the skin folds too. My father also had psoriasis (on his scalp) so I knew what it was the minute I saw it.

    Good luck and ((((hugs))))

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    ::scratch, scratch::

    I have it on my scalp only (I think, although there is another area of my body that needs a specialist to look at and diagnose.... don't know if that's Psoriasis or not).

    ::scratch scratch::

    Sorry I can't advise you on the pain thing. Mine just itches like crazy until I scratch so much I MAKE it hurt. (Real bright, huh?)

    If yours is on the scalp, try Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo. I think it works well! ::scratch:: Well, it would work better if I used it more often, like the bottle says, but I know it helps! And Wal-Mart has their own version (Equate) of the Neutrogena brand that is what I use, so you don't have to spend $7 on a bottle - just spend about $3.

    Also, if you have a regular PCP, talk to him/her about it and find out about getting some Clobetasol Propionate cream; USP, 0.05%. This is a steroid cream that REALLY helps with the itching, the pain, and the inflammation! If you can get some of this, I give it my highest recommendation!!! ::scratch, scratch:: OK, obviously, I don't use this as often as I'm supposed to either. But it really does help!

    Good luck, and don't forget to use Google to do a web-search for more info!!!

    Hugs! (and scratches!)

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