psoriatic arthritis/symptoms????

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    I was reading the post on blood work; and long story short when I was first diagnosed with fibro, I don't really remember having very many painful areas at all. I was refered to the rheumatologist because I went in with swollen fingers, wrist pain, ankle/toe pain, and neck pain. My physician at the time (HMO) said your fingers, and swelling tell me it may be RH. However the specialist, "said fibro." My fingers are changing shape, and my wrist pain keeps me up at night, and off & on during the day it will just "HIT ME HARD" even when I am not usining my joints. I know I'm long winded especially when I keep reading up,and talking to other people who say I should get a second opinion. I did have the blood test for the rh factor, and it was negative. So I beleive my diagnosis was correct for the past three years. I am training to be a medical transcriptionist,and it is so frustrating to have all of these symptoms. Now that the fingers are really I guess deformed; I will get my second maybe even a third opinion. I had a PA tell me that you don't necessarly have to test positive for rh factor, and sometimes still have RH. The depression has made me to decide to go on prozac (only after reading up on it& talking to some people first) I really feel in my gut that something is going on. Why elso would my fingers swell up and change shape??? I am 42, and started having symptoms off & on abut 5 years ago. I tried to make this short....Oh yeah the thyroid thing; I'm still on synthroid, had blood drawn today,and will see my endo in a week. I have a long list for him. Any advice from madwolf or anyone who can relate to this mess. I'm trying to stay on track.
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    Get this up to the top so someone who can relate might answer