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  1. MyOuch

    MyOuch New Member

    Does anyone have Psoriasis with their Fibro???

    the doctor i had put me on Humira ....did not help at all. not at all, if anything it made me sick!

    One reason why I'm looking for a new doctor because he threw up his hands and told me i was too hard to treat and didn't know what to do with me. can you imagine?
  2. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    OMG!!!! I have heard it all now!!! good heavens..these doctors...

    Hugzzzzz~ GigglePoet
  3. BobinGermany

    BobinGermany New Member

    I have psorasis. It does cause the crusty stuff around the ears. It also sometimes shows up on the elbows, on men, in the genital area, (I am not sure about women on this one) the legs and sometimes feet. You can have psorasis without the arthritis part. I have devoloped the arthritis part in the last year. I am going to the rhummy on Thursday for another evaluation. With the arthritis you can have ridges in your finger nails, large joints on your fingers. Joint pain of course. There is alot of reference to this on the net. I hope I have been some help.

    God Bless,
  4. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    Many years ago I had it so severe that when I would pay for something at the store, the cashier was afraid to take the money from my hands. I tried everything on the market. Long story short, a 2 week pack of steroids was the only thing that cleared it up. Please do a web search and you should find all the info you need. WARNING...the photos sre not pretty! Good luck and find a good dermatoligist!
  5. MyOuch

    MyOuch New Member

    Well, the funny part of it was, long ago i was told i had fibromyalgia, then lupus, now psoriactic arthritis. was put on humira for the psoriactic arth. WORSE much worse.

    first of all it did nothng for the skin part, it's all over my legs, back, elbows, in ears, around behind ears, it's in my head, my scalp...........forget about dying hair or perms, there's no way. and the flaking, well, it snows when i sit for any long period of time, all over the chairs, it's a mess.

    I went off humira 4 weeks ago, since then i found out my optic nerve in my left eye has been damaged due to my glaucoma, my skin rash is still the same and now i'm in worse pain than i have ever been.

    It's very depressing and very discouraging and I can't find the right doctor in va beach or norfolk that can help me and when i did, he doesnt' take cigna.........maybe throwing myself against a fast moving truck should be the answer here.

    I'm very discouraged.
  6. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    only mildly though, have it on and in my ears ( lots of syringing) scalp and bottom of all places......

    Flaxseed oil has done heaps for me, it softens the skin and there is no more itching

    Ofcourse you have to take 5mls everyday which I dont always do

    I have a cotisone cream I cant remember the name incase its gets bad and i havnt taken the flaxseed oil
    it works great

    good luck
  7. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    I have fibro
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I use a special shampoo (ketoconozal) from my dermatologist for use with 'immune disorders'. It takes away the flaking and scaling of the scalp.

  9. jole

    jole Member

    My son has it-in his hair and on his back mainly. He has it fairly well under control in his hair, but not on his back, and has had it for years. Has tried lots of things from the doc and it just doesn't seem to help.

    Now I learn that my baby grandson has it (my daughter's baby)....didn't even know that babies got it until now!! His is mostly in the inner fold at the elbows and around his mouth. His doc has him on hydrocortisone cream and it seems to be helping. Poor little guy!

    Wish I had answers, but I don't. Good luck to you all....

  10. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    Fish oil helps a lot for some, both with skin and arthritis.
  11. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi MyOuch,

    I'm cutting and pasting the following reply to another recent thread on psoriasis. Good luck finding something that will help.

    Regards, Wayne

    When I was just 5 years old, I broke out with psoriasis from head to toe. Not a square inch on my body that did not have it. Eventually cleared up after several months. At age 21, I experimented with a vegetarian diet, and for the second time broke out with psoriasis from head to toe. Again cleared up after a few weeks.

    At age 28, I again broke out with a more serious and stubborn case of psoriasis. At this time I had a friend who had just started drinking a tea combination called “Jason Winters Herbal Tea”. Jason Winters claimed to have cured himself of cancer with it, and my friend, who had several siblings die of cancer, started drinking it as a preventative measure. Her comment was that she didn’t know if it would prevent her from developing cancer, but she was feeling so much better since starting drinking it regularly.

    She sent some home with me, and I made a cup for myself that night. In the morning my psoriasis was significantly improved. Wasn’t sure right away if there was a correlation, but within a few days, my psoriasis had cleared up completely. Since that time, every time I’ve noticed a small patch of psoriasis beginning to develop, I start drinking the tea, and it usually clears it up within a few days.

    I’ve noticed that supplementing with a tincture called “Swedish Bitters” helps as well. My take on it is that these two productss combine a number of blood purifying herbs to give me my good results. I’ve learned that topically applied St. John’s Wort oil also helps clear up the occasional small patch of psoriasis. I’ve now been almost totally free of psoriasis for the last 25+ years.
  12. kabelladonna

    kabelladonna New Member

    my rheumatologist told me I don't have psoriatic arthritis. That's actually what I thought I had when I went to see him for the first time. I do have the elevated inflammation that shows up with the CRP and ESR tests. I just put two and two together to diagnose myself. He said "no".

    I've had psoriasis for years, since elementary school and have just learned to live with it since there is not much out there to treat it besides daily shots.

    I have it behind my ears, on my scalp, private areas, etc. - basically the kind that are in skin folds and creases.

    Funny, I thought my symptoms matched psoriatic arthritis, but he's convinced I don't have it.
  13. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    saw that clay recommended fish oil, I use flaxseed oil, look up the oils guys what have you got to loose????

    good luck
    angel hugs and better health

  14. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have had scalp psoriasis for the last few years and I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of it!

    It's just like the "cradle cap" that babies get and therefore, you can put baby oil on it to let it soften up so you can easily scrap it out, but I don't like the oily scalp and hair--and, I want to PERMANENTLY get rid of it, not just scrape it out daily!!

    I finally went to a dermatologist and she perscribed these two meds:
    Temovate 0.05% (Generic: Clobetasol 0.05%), 25 ML Bottle
    Lidex 0.05% (Generic: Fluocinonide 0.05%), 60 ML Bottle

    The Temovate has a steroid in it, so I use it for 3 weeks, then start on the Lidex solution. After I wait about a month, I can start back with the Temovate, but can only use it for 3 weeks at a time because it is so strong.

    The dermatologist did a biopsy on my scalp and it was positive for scalp psoriasis.

    I also use various medicated shampoos--tar, tea tree oil, and I can't think of the other one.

    I would try anything to get rid of this aggravating stuff!!

    I don't have any psoriasis patches on my skin, but I do have all of the "pits" in my nails, which the doc also said was psoriasis, but it's not the psoriatic arthritis because I have seen pictures of it and my fingers don't look that bad!!

    MyOuch: you should be seen by a dermatologist as to how to manage the particular type of psoriasis that you have.

  15. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...a good derm doc will do a biopsy, not just look at it.

    I thought I had it, looked mom has had it for years, and it can run in families, so it made sense.

    But my biopsy came back negative, so my doc treated me with some prescription cream for exzema...worked well and quickly.

    Good luck, everyone, I knoe Psoriasis is painful and very stubborn from my mom's experience...


  16. hi all,
    ive been a psoriasis sufferer for 35 years now.mine started up a few years after i had a childhood accident,while foolishly playing near train stepped into what i thought was sand,and it turned out to be a chemical,used at the coal mine,maybe to clean out furnices.eekk cant spell it.

    i ended up in hospital when this chemical turned out to have something in it, that burned my feet badly,it melted my plastic sandals,to my feet.i didnt lose my feet,but was told that i had been very lucky this time.

    any way,when younger,my psoriasis was in patches all over my body,the largest ones being on my knees and elbows.

    i had a total hysterectomy operation in 1995,and a few years later,the psoriasis eased,and is now on my elbows, one knee, and one hand,and in both ears.funny thing is,its on my right hand,and right knee,it seems to affect the same side of the body just now.

    i am bathing/showering,using AQUEOUS CREAM BP

    at night i am applying dovobet ointment to my elbows and knee (well its one knee now),and hand.i use this for about a month,then have a break from using it,of about 2 weeks.then ill use it again.

    the reason for this is ,DOVOBET,thins the skin,and it seems that after a month of using it,ill get some very sore skin.

    having a break from it,then going back on it seems to improove the psoriasis greatly,and takes the redness away.

    its also a good idea to have occasional short breaks from the dovobet,so that your skin doesnt get TOO THIN.

    the psoriasis on my hands has gotten worse these last few years,and i have developed lumpy areas on my fingers,that im told are due to psoriasis arthritis.

    im using a cotton bud with a small amount of vaseline on it,in order to keep the psoriasis to a minimum in my ear holes.thats has flared up this past few month.

    i dont want anymore creams,from the doctor,as i hate side affects.i have very sensitive skin.

    sadly,my daughter has psoriasis on her feet and hands.she,s using dovobet at night.then applying vaseline to her hands in the morning (after washing off the dovobet).

    she,s also washing with the AQUEOUS CREAM.

    my son seems to have psoriasis on his eye lids.but no where else thank goodness.

    i feel guilty at times for passing this condition onto my kids.

    in the 1970s i was told that any children i might have,WOULD NOT go onto develope psoriasis,as it only affects every THIRD GENERATION.

    well the speacialists got that fact wrong,sadly.

    i have M.E/chronic fatigue syndrome,and fibromyalgia too.

    ive always washed mine, and the families clothes, in surf washpowder,if i ever changed it (over the years)mine and my daughters lady region suffered badly with im happy to say we, and our skin, are happy using surf washpowder,only.

    im using sunsilk anti-itch shampoo,and it is kind to mine and the daughters scalp.our psoriasis cleared up on the scalp.but im still sticking to using this shampoo,as the psoriasis does come back,if i use any other shampoo.

    this week im planning on buying pumpkin seeds,and im going to sprinkle them on mine, and the daughters, breakfast cerial.

    on a psoriasis web site,sufferers said eating pumpkin seeds eases that condition of psoriasis, that affects the finger and toe nails.ours are currently badly affected and my daughters loses the nails ,at times.they just drop off.

    her toenails have bleeds under the nails,if she wears fashionable shoes (pointed toes) so i do try to encourage her to wear rounded toe, shoes (sensible shoes).

    a few years ago,i met my auntie (my dads sister)id never met her before in my life,as she and dad, had lost contact.

    it turns out that her granson has psoriasis on the hands and feet too.she told me that psoriasis is in my dads family,that go further back in our family tree.

    kind regards

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  17. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Thanks for all of your info!

    I'm going to see if I can find the Sunsilk shampoo here in the U.S. I'm going to search the internet now for it!

    Thanks again,
  18. JLH

    JLH New Member


    I found Sunsilk Anti-Itch Shampoo on the internet.

    It looks like it's only a product available in the UK. I found a shop that sells and delivers worldwide -- I'm in the U.S.

    The shampoo would cost me $5.34, but the shipping charges for ONE BOTTLE would be $43.64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I guess I won't be trying that shampoo after all! LOL

  19. hi all,

    id like to ask a personal question.

    do any of you psoriasis sufferers have bouts of getting large spots,like boils on you butt cheeks? (bottom).covering the whole of the muscles of the cheeks?

    now im reminded that in my younger years,this is a thing that i had often.they were very painful boils,and the pain wouldnt go away,until the boils where pressed on,and emptied.

    i was hospitalized for 9 weeks,in the late 1970s.on a ward that treats people with psoriasis.i was covered in measles type, psoriasis patches.the largest ones being on my scalp,knees,elbows.

    id have to bath in a sort of coal tar bath,then go every morning for sun light therepy,then when i got back to the ward,nurses would apply my psoriasis cream to my skin.

    the nurses would see these butt cheeks boils,and laugh and sort of fight over who was going to burst the largest ones,in a sick sort of way,they liked bursting the

    i just used to blush,and let them do it lol.

    now,as im older,my butt cheeks dont get covered in these boils,but just lately a few have come back.

    i wonder if its because im in a psoriasis flare up,in the seems that the boils come when ever my psoriasis flares.i do have the psoriasis arthritis too.

    i went to a doctor years ago,middle 1990s,with my butt cheeks covered in these painful boils.he did a blood test as he said he thought i might have a nasty condition called cushings syndrome.

    this is before i was told that im a fibromyalgia/M.E/chronic fatigue sufferer.i wasnt told about those conditions until 1995,and it was said that they had known i was a fibromyalgia sufferer for many many years,but had chosen not to tell me back then,as i wasnt complaining of having mobility problems.

    the doctor in the early 1990s, didnt tell me what i did have,but when he didnt also say if it was cuchings or not,i just figured its part of the psoriasis,that ive had from being 15 years old.

    do any of you with psoriasis,also get these butt cheeks(on your bottom cheeks), boils?

    kind regards

  20. hi all,
    ive drinking 250ml of ocean spray cranberry juice,in the morning and just before bed,for about two weeks now,and im noticing that the psoriasis on my elbows and knees is easing.

    this cranberry juice is the only new thing that ive added to my food stuff.

    its definately doing something good for me.i did have a runny bowel action,when i first started drinking the juice,but it was nothing major,and settled down after a day.

    in the 1970s it was said that people with psoriasis have problems with the kidneys,and drinking nettle juice clears the kindneys out,and then seems to help to reduce the severity of psoriasis.

    i tried drinking nettle juice many years ago,but didnt stick with it long, as i saw no good results on my skin.

    but im well happy with the cranberry juice.

    kind regards


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