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    hi to all.
    It was said, in the movie the granny
    Life discribed as a roller coaster..
    How some people like them, other's don't and well.....

    I am on another part of the twists n turns this week.
    'tis been one rough ride this year for me.

    let me say about KODY MAK, for those who were following my asking for prayers and his life to be hopeful.
    He could not be doing better, and I believe whole heartedly, that all our prayers really have been miracles for his recovery time. Two weeks ago, he was near death as we know it, and with each few days, you would barely know how severe a crash he was in.
    I am not kidding, broke nearly every bone in his face, and now, the kid (26 yrs) has broken the wire holding his jaw in place! The Hospital went from only allowing his brother to see him, because of a "calming affect" he gave Kody, to allowing the whole town in. Need I say the kid was getting involved with the club. Well, he can't wait to get back on the harley. Like riding a horse and getting bucked off. So, may I ask for more prayers, that he slow it down a bit and just take time to mend. forget riding on two wheels until he can walk. sheesh.
    He has steel rods in his femur bone with all the nuts n bolts. He is more like the machine now. Parts are Kody.
    I must say, if you knew him, ya'd love him. So, thank you so very much for counting him in. Thank you.

    now, about me, my neck is hurting so bad, I had my "opiates" for the time table so far, yet because I am sitting and typing, I am suffering.
    I just love writing and getting things off my mind.
    who else would understand except those who know what we live with. Anyway.....
    Thanks for welcome backs.....

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