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    Well..I got a letter the other day...I go to the SSA's psych doctor this thursday at 6 pm..then turn around next tuesday and go to another SSA doctor.I suppose this psych dr. will ask me questions like I have seen people have been asked on here. I am just scared of some things. Do they ask if you have ever attempted suicide or hurt yourself? Do they ask questions about stuff like that? Because I am scared if I tell the truth they will lock me up in a nut house.I would NEVER harm my children or animals..but I have had episodes in the recent past where I have tried to harm myself to get out of the pain. My brother commited suicide..I firmly it is genetic and inheirited.Just want to get a gist of what to expect so I can be prepared to answer what they ask me. Thanks:eek:)
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    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when I went to see the SSA psych, they did ask those questions. They ask if you have ever considered hurting yourself, about your level of anger and depression, about your family situation, and many very specific questions about your symptoms.
    I hope this helps, and if I can do anything else to help, please, just let me know.
    Good Luck,
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    They will ask you those things. If you are reciving help for this you wont be locked up in a nuthouse. It will show your condition to Social Security. Even though it hurts to admit what we think when we get so down on our lives and the pain, it is best to be honest for yourself and for your case.
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    My thanks to answering me so soon. As I sit here and contemplate what to say to this strange doctor(who is a woman,thats all I know). I have talked to my friends and they told me to just lay it out---that I sometimes have uncontrolled episodes where they fear for my safety. I have attempted suicide several times in the past..I have self-mulilated(scarred my arms or legs) recently when I got some bad news. I am on medicine for depression,but as far as it controlling "episodes" where I let the world overwhelm me,they don't help. I had a verbally abusive strict childhood..I have a verbally abusive marriage at times,so I know why I am "messed up". I think i will just tell the Dr. the truth and see what happens..hope I won't be writting from Lifeworks:eek:). This whole SSA Dr. thing has me on edge. I bet i will be a piece of work come thursdayLOL! I was thinking maybe I needed to try to calm down more,but it might be to my advantage to be on edge like this, looking and acting like I am having a truely "bad day."