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    Hi all, I applied for SSD in August of this year. They said they wanted me to go and see one of there psychiatrist. Although I am not applying for disablity for depression, they still wanted me to go because my doc. told them I have suffered some depression.

    I went yesterday for my psych. evaluation and it lasted 15 MINUTES!!!! Can you believe it. Is that a good sign or bad. ugh.. Don't know here. He said that SSA wanted to know why I was depressed. I told them well I am not real sure. I was molested from the age of 7-16 by my stepfather. My mother died when I was 16. I tried to get on with my life (although I never could get the molestation off my mind) then when I got real sick and was bedridden a lot that the depression started in real bad again. He asked well what symptoms did you have of depression I told him that I cried a lot etc.

    He wrote down all my meds. and asked what was wrong with me medically. And that was about it..Is that typical?? I know most people I have talked to they were there with this same guy at least an hour some more.

    I don't know what to make of this. What do you guys think???

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    From having an ex-wife that had frequent visits to the psychiatrist, 15 minutes is about all anyone gets these days. Sounds pretty normal.

    Because of a lot of experience with mental illness, I have been prescribing my own anti-depressants, mainly by going to my PCP and saying "I need 40mg of this" or "I need to try Cymbalta, can I start on 60mg?" but I'm going to a psychiatrist next month to see if he has any different things that may help.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had to do this too but the appointment I had was abit more than an hour long.According to my doctor the mental state was more important than the physical as far as the SS people's way of thinking. Depression??Well gee why in heck would we be happy to get the DD??.....Duh moment please.This guy was a tough cookie in some ways but totally honest both with me and the SS. Yes he did hit somewhat on my childhood but his main concern was the way this effected my life then.Did I use a cane,was I able to do my own shopping,what hobbies could I still do, Etc. etc. etc.I found out after the fact that he even watched me go out to our truck and Hubby helping me to open the door and get in.

    They're not out to hurt you with these exams just ruling out the dead beats who are blessed with good health but want a free trip. I bet 50% of the applications they have to process are not disabled at all.....but that's another post isn't it.

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    Mine lasted for what seemd to me to be a long time. I had to bring him my meds and supplements. He asked some questions and I had to take memory and cognitive test. I cried for most of the test and asked them if I could take it again on a better day.

    My husband told them I had extensive testing done at Duke and the examiner was impressed with the person that tested me and asked if we would send him a copy of my records.

    I was awared SS because of this. They did not even look at the physical....the CFS or FM.
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    Hi, don't worry it is a normal thing for SSD to have you see their Psych. They are there just to see if you are in anyway mentally incapatible. Since your doctor put down depression- and probably not alot about it- they just wanted to add more info for the DDS. I had to go,too. Also I had to be checked out by some other doctor, x-rayed, etc. I was a wreck when I got there- got lost,was 20 minutes late..... because of getting lost. A city I knew.

    I can honestly say I don't remember alot of questions and what they had me do cause I was soo upset for being late...

    Good luck Janet
  7. angiecw71

    angiecw71 New Member

    Thanks everyone for your input really apprecaite it..


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