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  1. shylo

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    Hello everyone.I have a question about my psych eval.First I thought that a psych eval was done by a psychiatrist just like my psychological eval was done by a psychologist.

    My psych eval was done by a nurse practioner and he gave me a med that I had a severe reaction to and my health has not been the same.

    I did report this to a nurse that my friend knows,actually it was her fiences mother who has a batchlers degree in nursing.She told me that a psych eval is done by a psychiatrist and that the nurse practioner can give the meds once the doc does the eval.

    I know alot of yous have had psych evals and thats why I was asking about this because alot of yous have been getting treatments from psychiatrists.

    When I was seen for anxiety I was told that I could see a theripst for treatment but the psychiatrist at this place is not taking any new patients.They have in my medical file that theriputic allience with psychiatrist was established but yet I have not seen any psych doc.

    My attorney questioned this because he is getting ready for my hearing and he said that there can not be any loop holes in medical records and alot of things in my medical records from the nurse practioner does not make sense down to having the dates wrong when I was diagnosed with my illnesses and so on.

    I also found out that I should not have been put on this med from the nurse because of the other meds that I have been taking and it could of caused damage in my liver from these toxic meds that were all working on my liver.

    Sorry so long but any advice on this please.

    Thanks Shylo.

  2. sfrazier

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    The only person that can do a PSYCHIATRIC eval is a psyc. He then can tell the nurse pratctisionar what drugs to order for you. A PA can order meds but only usually if that is your primary phicsion. Sorry about the spelling and hopefully this reply makes sense........SueF
  3. joanng

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    My husband does Psychiatric evals for a local hospital and he isn't a doctor. He's a social worker and he cannot write scripts. He does the evaluation and then reports the results to the doctor and the doctor makes the final determination, not him, or a nurse or a nurse practitioner. Sometimes the doctor will ask his advice if it's an alcohol or drug related problem since my husband is also a certified alcohol and drug counsellor but the ultimate decision falls on the doctor. And they rarely dispense scripts to patients from the ER for anything. They either admit them or refer them to a local mental health center.

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