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  1. sumbuni

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    Does everyone need it? I see alot of reference about it, and I'm convinced that I have "issues" that need to be addressed. I could write a book, but I reckon no one wants a book that's a tear jerker from beginning to end...I WOULDN'T!

  2. Lana56

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    If you think you need it,go for it.It can really help to have someone listen and help you learn about yourself.We all have issues and living with chronic pain can be difficult in itself.I have been in therapy and I have to say it was the best thing i did for myself when I knew I needed help.Good Luck! Lana56
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    I have read somewhere that everyone has at least one episode of depression in there true is that, I don't know. But I have been told I am a very well balanced person by many and still have sought some counseling several times. It gave me great insight into why I do what I do. If you feel you need it, go for don't have to be a nut case before receiving help and guidance.
    Anyway, I don't know of any books right off the top of my head, maybe some others can offer some info on that.
    There are so many types of counseling, and it's always good to know what your options are. I don't expect I've been much help, sorry for that.
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    I can only speak for myself, when this dd hit and in dealing with all the issues that go with it my medical Dr. sugested counseling might help. It has and in addition I take wellbutrin for depression. I've been seeing her for 6 months and since this all hit have found I have other issues in my life I needed to deal with. It's worth a try.
  5. sumbuni

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    It's just that there are so many things thatn have happened in my life that I just don't think I HAVE dealt with. My 3rd marriage down the tubes because I couldn't take the BS any more...I was down ALL the time, and nothing I could do would change my situation...since then I've lived to regret that action, and again to be glad I did it, just to regret it all over again...and on and on. This is just one of many, and I'm really really tired of life and living...that's not to say that there are no good things in my life...One of the three living children I have actually cares what is going on with me, she calls EVERY day. The other 2 don't seem to even remember who I am. I've tried to communicate with them about any problems we might have, but they always assure me that everything is fine. I have 2 out of 5 grandchildren who even realize that I am their grandmother...I hardly even know ther other three. (guess you can guess whose kids those 2 are.)

    It's just been one thing after another for all of my 55 1/2 years. I'm getting older, and most of me is so danged glad that I can't possibly have more than another 50 years to live (God help me, I hope it won't be even half that long if life doesn't get better.)

    As I said, I could write a book, but I don't really know that that would even do a bit of good! I just can't stand to sit and think about all the crap that's come my way...part of it is ALL my fault, I did it to myself, part of it some other big jerk did it to me, and then there are the things that life hands out, like my son who died at the age of 2 from prostate cancer (or rather the treatments for it.)

    Living alone could only be enhanced by never having to get close to anyone ever again...and I KNOW that's no way to be.

  6. atrinigyal29

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    I'm so sorry that you are going through such a hard time. Based on the difficulties you are having, looking into seeing a psychologist, licensed mental health counselor, or a licensed clinical social worker would probably be most beneficial to you. These types of counselors can determine whether a psychiatrist would be necessary and would be able to refer you to one. Just make sure that you feel comfortable with the counselor that you choose, and make sure that he/she is either knowledgeable about fibromyalgia or is willing to learn more information about it. Unfortunately, some counselors, like some medical doctors, think that this DD is all in our heads. Well, good luck to you, and I hope you find a great counselor soon!! :)
  7. Reg1

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    Sumbuni, Count me in. Im making an appt tomorrow, i definately have issues to get off my chest. I use to go about 4 years ago, had to stop, it got a little to expensive. But now my health is more important than the extra money. I feel its great when you can take that step, its theraputic for me, and i got a lot out of it when i did have my therapy sessions. Go for it !!!!!!!!!((((((((Gentle Hugs)))))))))Regina
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    My shrink has done more to help me than all my fibro doctors. He thinks my fibro is based in neurological problems, not that it's psychosomatic. Other research has pointed to the same fact. It's not depression as much as a condition caused by a shortage of the same chemicals in our brains plus a possible problem with the receptors in certain areas of the brain. Many of the physical problems we have are caused by the stress and lack of sleep caused by these problems. He also said changing these things will probably be a slow process.