psychiatrist appt at SS office?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angeljoe, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I am sort of confused about this appointment. I signed up for SSDI in Feb because my temporary disability from my work forced me to. I applied for FMS, CFIDS, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I recieved a phone callf from the SS office and they ask if I still had my mental condition. I responded yes thinking depression, nervousness, anxiety and the panic attacks. Well I then got a letter for an appointment for a physical exam with an SS doctor for 3-15. Tuesday of this week I got another letter stating I must meet with a psychiatrist this Friday (three days notice) at the SS office.

    First of all I have been on crutches since my achilles tendon surgery on 1-18. I will not be able to bare weight on it until 3-18. So, what I am saying is I cannot drive (right foot) and they give me three days to make arrangements. The letter also said if I didn't go to this appt. I would be denied for not following instructions.

    Back to me being confused now ~ Is it even normal protocal for a psychiatrist to see patients at the SS office? I have never heard of this before now. I called my local office to see if my husband could be with me during the appt and they said NO ONE could be inside with me... Confused again there??? I am starting to feel they are out to get me ~ LOL but this is really strange. Thanks to everyone in advanced that replies.. Love you guys and appreciate the support.
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    and make this clear. That you are entitled to have your husband even represent you. I always have represented my DH. They are wrong I am certain. Love Anne C
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    I'm very sorry about your foot and the short notice they gave you for this appointment. Hopefully, they will reschedule you if need be. The bureaucracy is not known for its sensitivity, but if you reach a live person, maybe they will make leeway for your current condition.

    But yes, it seems many have had to see psychiatrist hired by S.S. as part of the process. I did and he turned out to be my strongest advocate. Basically, I think his job was to access as to whether or not I was credible; not a malingerer. I was very fortunate and...actually surprised! be assigned a very perceptive doctor. All I did was tell him an hour's worth of the truth. My case was not easily verifiable by other means (sleep study and kind, but confused primary doctor), so his written report was very helpful. He fully recommended I should receive S.S., but even then, it took nearly 3 1/2 years for my case to get to hearing stage.

    Best wishes to you, I hope they can reschedule you if need be.
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    standard procedure
    but make it known that depression is situational due to the illness ,
    depression could help you win tho..

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