Psychiatrist recommendations

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by barbreichel, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. barbreichel

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    I live in Orange County,California.
    Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist that understands FMS patients?
  2. dlizard

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    I can tell you my experience.... being at my wits end, I recently called for a psy appt all by myself.... I prayed about this and since my rheumie has not treated a single symptom for a year and I'm filing for my SSDI I figured might as well.... well... I got lucky for a change! He first told me that I needed a doc that "did more than listen" and found me a new primary..... he also has tried numerous drugs to help me that have been available but not prescribed or tried by my rheumie..... so my general experience has been awesome! I'd encourage you to look ofr a fibro support group and ask if they know anyone "sympathetic" if that's the correct word... if not call some group like the lupus foundation or ms people.... they mist likely at least know of someone with experience with people with chronic diseases..... sometimes that's as good as it gets! Good luck and I hope you find someone like I did.... he's been a lifesaver for sure!!!!