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    Hi all- I have not posted in a very long time but i am always reading the posts here as they are very encouraging and helpful!! I was wondering if anyone has ever been sent to a Psychologist or psychiatrist to help them with chronic pain? My pain Dr. wants me to see one because he thinks I am getting more depressed! I wanted to scream at him that I AM NOT DEPRESSED! I hurt so much and in the last 2 weeks it has become worse. I was hit in the rear end 2 weeks ago. At the time I felt fine and their was no damage to my car.(suburban) But next day me neck was stiffer than usual.

    This week on Tuesday I was helping a child down from the top of a tunnel on the playground and instead of sliding off the top she jumped off into my upper body. She is about 90 pds. Now not only does my neck really hurt but both arms, chest and lower back.

    My Dr. answer is same old meds and counsceling for living in chronic pain. If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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    so i can tell my friends and family i am not depresed and that antidepresants might not be the saving treatment for me. i have tried ad's and did not like the effects. i don't think they are good for you over a life time. read the book prozac backlash by dr. joseph glenmullen and you will see what i mean. just my thoughts .everyone has to do what is best for them .good luck.
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    I do see a psychologist once a month. Although I am not in constant pain, it helps just to vent.She told me that anyone with chronic illness is going to be down!I mostly grieve, misssing the old me. I miss being able to work & getting out with people.It does help me. It doesn't make the pain or illness go away, it just provides me with different ways of looking at things & learning to accept each day & appreciate the small things.Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are feeling better soon."Normal" people and doctors really don't understand unless they live it!If there is one thing all this has taught me it is greater compassion.I guess noone ever really knows what another is going through by outside appearances,& like i said they don't understand unless they live it.
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    Do you have good pain meds? If not, why don't you "make a deal" with dr: if you get a referral to a pain clinic, you'll agree to talk to a psychiatrist....that way, you can tell the psych. that the pain clinic has prescribed you "such and such", and you know you'll feel so much better soon! LOL

    It's not funny, it sounds like you have a lot of pain. I can't believe a 90 lb kid jumped on you. OUCH! Did you file any kind of incident report at work? Might be a good idea...

    I like my shrink...she only rxs sleep meds, but we chit chat every 3 mos, and after 7 years of this, she knows I'm pretty stable and cope as well as I can....
    sometimes yes, and sometimes no..

    Take good care of you....

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    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so horribly.

    I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago. approx 1 yr later had a severe depressive episode and was put on effexor(now cymbalta). I have noticed that my pain is generally less severe, but still have flare's. And now anytime I see my gp with sx of pain/fatigue etc.. he thinks that its depression. Guess what, I'm mentally fine, just pissed off that everything is chocked-up-too depression! Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself(I tried to deny that I have depression for a long time and it really backfired). Just remember, you know yourself better than any doctor, if you truely feel that you don't have depression than just continue to tell your gp. You may want to check out some surveys on-line just to be sure. As much as we all like to think that our mental health doesn't make a difference, it really does!

    Even if you arent depressed, cymbalta is approved for chronic pain, so are other meds-

    I have a few family members without depr. that are on anti-dep. that helped them.

    Just don't let them try to tell you that your depressed if your not!

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    I agree with RuRu and Bet. Counseling can be a wonderful thing.... ESPECIALLY, for those of us dealing with chronic pain. Some times when our Dr's make suggestions like that, instead of allowing us to come to the conclusion ourselves, we can tend to read more into than what was meant. I know i have done the same thing... which is why DH goes with me to every apt. now, just to help me keep a level head!

    The best explanation i heard once... not sure if it was here on the boards or one of my many FM books. But, anyway the correlation was how any NORMAL person would have depression/anger after a while if someone where to follow them around for the rest of their life and hit them as hard as they could every 5 minutes. After a while you're sure to break and need to vent. A counselor can/will provide a safe place to do that.

    I'm really sorry your in so much pain {{{{ soft hugs }}}}

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    Just a thought: is he placating you? I think it's horrible to have pain--and then to have to justify it. ARHGGH!
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    I did have help. My pain Dr. referred me to a pain psychologist who dealt in cognitive behavioral therapy. It was a very good experience. While you may not consider yourself depressed it is amazing what one can learn about how to handle all this pain our bodies give us. All my problems were caused by two rear-end car accidents so I can really relate to you. I'd say give it a try, you can always quit after a few sessions.
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    Counselling is a helpful thing, no doubt about that. As for living in chronic pain...

    Do you feel that you are getting adequate medical treatment for your pain? You sound frustrated by being given the 'same old meds' and being told to live with it.

    Has your doctor reffered you to a pain specialist or rheumy? They might have better treatments/meds that can really reduce your pain level.

    A sharper GP might be something to consider. If he's not helping you, why keep him? Sorry to be blunt. If a doctor doesn't 'get it', he probably won't get better with time... ;)

    Glad you are here on the site. Hope to hear more from you and how you are doing.
    {{{gentle hugs}}} Shannon