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    My boyfriend (59) has parkinsons, had to retire from the government due to not being able to use his shaking hand and unable to stay awake for longer than 3 hours without resting. The reviewer at SS said he had a good case. (All medical documents in as we belong to a medical plan where everything is under one roof and one computer system--Kaiser if anyone is familiar). He just got an order for a psychiatric exam from and SS doctor. Does anyone have a clue why?
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    Hi there. Social Security Administration (SSA) through the state DDS (Disability Determination Services) does a Consultative Examination (CE), and in your boyfriend's case it is the psychiatric exam from a doctor of DDS's chosing. This CE is due to any of several reasons:

    (1) Somewhere in the documentation provided to SSA by Kaiser your boyfriend's mental state was mentioned somehow--do you have a copy of his medical records to check this to see what the Kaiser medical records say?

    (2) If he had a prior psych exam by a Kaiser doctor, and the exam notes provided to SSA fail to satisfy their questions, so a CE was scheduled.

    (3) If he had a prior psych exam by a Kaiser doctor and those notes were NOT included in the medicals provided to SSA and they were asked for them and still not provide them. So DDS scheduled a CE.

    (4) Your boyfriend mentioned somewhere about depression. Parkinson's has several potention symptoms involved in mental health and they may want to see if he has those.

    (5) I did some reading and the disability varies depending on the person. This may be another reason for the CE. To see if it has impacted he mental health and how that adds to the full extent of his disability.

    Below is an article on SSD and Parkinson's. Read it to get an understanding of what SSD is looking for.