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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by busybusymom, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. busybusymom

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    Has anyone gone to see a psychic healer and been "cured" or have improvement in your CFS symptoms or any other symptoms you may suffer from? I am talking about healers that treat through energy.

    Thanks - Busybusymom
  2. natrlvr2

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    you have to be VERY careful when doing this,so many 'fake healers'.There truly ARE healers but the world is full of scam artists.
  3. busybusymom

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  4. kellyann

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    That would be nice! I love tarot cards myself. I have a big collection of them. I just think they are fun though. It is funny how often they do ring with a lot of truth.

    Take Care,
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    I've been to quite a few. There is only one the I ever found to be very very good. But she lives in Entrelacs in Quebec, but works in St Sauveur Des Monts. Her name is Denise Jodoin and she's been around, all over, and she really knows what she's doing. She works mainly by balancing the chakra's but she's also and excellent intuitive psycologist. She will see through you very quickly. Very honest, doesn't charge a lot, she's not interested in money, but she does have to eat. This is her life work. Her sessions are $60 CAD, which usually last an hour, but she will often have you stay for 2 or more hours without charging you extra. I can't say enough about her, she's very dedicated and really knows how to manipulate energy. She also teaches a course which I would love to take if I lived close by.
  6. busybusymom

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    Thanks for all your input. I will let you all know if I see one and if it helps!

  7. cjcookie

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    Good luck and let us know how it went.
  8. Jasmine

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    I've never been to a psychic healer but I did go to visit some regular psychics. The regular psychics were extremeley inaccurate and only like 50% accurate about future events so I was out a lot of money.

    I did EFT for a couple of months last year during the summer and it helped me feel physically stronger and helped with emotional trauma issues from childhood. It did not help my CFS/FM of over two decades but I still use it and it's very helpful for me. EFT is the most useful alternative therapy I've ever used!

    Love, Jasmine
  9. Catseye

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    I have been to an acupuncturist (who was also a doctor, used to be a surgeon), a chiropractor, a massage therapist who also does reiki and an acupressurist. I got good results from all of them, but the best I got from the chirporactor and the acupressurist. And I am still going to treatments. I had been seeing 2 chirpractors for about 2 1/2 years now and I couldn't get along without them. The acupressurist I've been seeing for about 2 months has got me back to feeling "normal" again. What a relief! I haven't felt like this for 4 years! I have gotten the most from him.

    He takes a small, metal thing almost like a ball point pen with a big tip and pokes places in my ears. Depending on if I feel "pain like a needle" in certain points, he then draws lines on my body (along the meridians, I think) and puts pressure on points on my head, back and feet. Then he shakes my limbs around and bends them a certain way, I end up getting some chiropractic-like adjustments. He also does some reiki work and balances my chakras. This man has done more for me than any doctor.

    Of course, I got referred to him by others who have gotten good results. This isn't the kind of work you would look for in the "yellow pages" without risking getting a charlatan. He has really jump started the healing process in my body. I would urge anybody to seek out an energy worker besides or in addition to a chiropractor. The results have been simply amazing. I noticed substantial changes after each session, much more than just "subtle" changes that could be attributed to imagination or simply having a good day. Even my eternally skeptic husband (who doesn't believe in ANYTHING) has gotten over his depression, finally, after a few sessions. He has been depressed all his life. If you could meet my mother-in-law, you'd see why. And he has tried antidepressants, supplements and magnesium, all to no avail.

    One thing about naturopathic medicine that I didn't know and got to experience firsthand was that a "healing crisis" is to be expected. It's not the same as just detoxing. The healing culminates in a return of an acute episode; following this, the condition improves. When I first got ill, I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible tightness in my chest, heart beating fast and weird, dehydration and what I now know was hypoglycemia attacks.

    After I had seen Harry for about a month, I was really feeling good and then I got "attacks" in the middle of the night again. They weren't as bad, I just needed to sip a little juice and go back to sleep. The continued several times a night for about 3 weeks. Harry said not to be concerned, that it was part of the healing and it would go away. And he was right. Now I feel like I can actually exercise or do a little bit of anything I want. But I'll wait 'til after the holidays and then I'll try riding my bike. I won't take the chance on ruining Xmas after all the crashes I've had before, I've learned to have patience and take it slow. The last 4 Xmases were nightmares, this one I'm finally going to enjoy.

    Well, that's my take on it, for what it's worth.

    have a nice Christmas,

  10. lenasvn

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    are good techniques. They are quite effective in moving stagnant energy, Rolfing was used quite abit by Princess Diana.

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