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  1. Carol66

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    Great everyone, I have been to the DR for a medical exam and had x-rays, I was turned down the first time. Now I have a lawyer and I am seeing a Dr for depression and a counselor twice a week for my FIBRO, PAIN and DEPRESSION and now I rec'd a letter today they are sending me to a PHD for a psychologial exam! Can anyone help me who has done this!!!!!! WHat are they looking for now! ????
  2. swedeboy

    swedeboy Member

    I applied for disability in Jan. 2005 and I was approved in August 2005. I Live in california and I receive SSI and SSDI.

    I submitted a daily journal that I kept for 30 days detailing my symptoms. I also was evaluated by both a SSDI state appointed doctor and pyscologist, which I think helped my claim. I also submitted a detailed list of my immediate symptoms and limitaions listed below.

    There is an organization if you need an attorney called the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives you can reach them at They are a non-profit/non-commercial organization. There phone number is (800) 431-2804

    Limitations from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


    -Overwhelming fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, persistent flu-like symptoms and postexertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.
    - Persistent intractable muscle and joint pain
    - Headaches of a new severity
    - Unrefreshing sleep
    - Sore throat
    - Impaired short term memory and concentration
    - Visual impairments such as focusing
    - Lightheaded and increased fatigue from prolonged standing
    - Dizziness and vertigo
    - Nausea, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite
    - Confusion
    - Anxiety, and episodes of sadness/ depression.
    - Decreased libido


    - stand or sit upright for more than a few minutes on relatively bad days.

    - perform activities with a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and sustain an ordinary routine.

    - complete a normal workday and workweek without interruption by symptoms and perform at a consistent pace without an unreasonable number and length of rest periods.

    - stand, sit upright, and or concentrate for more than three to four hours on relatively good days. (I have had an average of about 10-12 good days per month for the last 12 months)

    - walk consecutively for more than 15-20 min. on good days

    - walk consecutively for more than a few min. on bad days.

    - drive far distances such as 50 miles or more on good days.

    - drive at all on bad days.

    - lift and or carry heavy objects such as gallons of water or bags of groceries on bad days.

    - see clearly for short moments from dizzy spells on both good and bad days.

    - perform cognitive tasks, such as things involving simple and detailed verbal and or literary instructions on bad days and frequently on good days.

    - focus and concentrate, limiting my ability to read for more than a half hour to an hour on a good day, and no more than a few min. on a bad day.

    - maintain attention and concentrate for extended periods of time.

    - to understand and remember simple and detailed instructions, work procedures, and conversations on bad days and frequently on good days.
  3. georgie0826

    georgie0826 New Member

    I had one before getting my disability. I thought he was nuts. He didn't know much about fibro. I had to do some memory tests, like looking at a picture and then trying to remember what was on it. I did some puzzle type tests and ansewered a 200 or so questionaire. If you're in therapy you have probably had the questionare. I think the thing they're looking for is if your problems are as severe as you report they are. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have.
  4. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi carol66,

    I had to go through one of those last year (it was scheduled for me about 6 weeks after I first applied). I'm assuming it's the same exam.

    It wasn't difficult, just mentally exhausting at least for me. Thankfully, I've not suffered too much "fibro fog", so cognitively I performed fairly well (I was told). However, the testing lasted like 3 or 4 hours and I was just totally wiped out. Luckily, my husband was with me and could drive us home because I know I wouldn't have been able to.

    So, my advice is not to stress out about it, just try to mentally and physically charge up your battery so that you can get through it.

    BTW a month after this exam, I got my first of two denials.
    I'm presently waiting on receiving a date for my hearing. According to my attorney, I shouldn't expect anything until late summer or fall '07.....good luck to you...let us know how you fared.
  5. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Just be totaly honest and yourself when you go for this and you should be just fine. It's ok to be nervous, it will subside after you're there for a little while.

    Good Luck

    Take Care

  6. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    i applied, and they wanted me to see their psychiatrist. i was so freaked out i had to have my therapist come and sit in the waiting room and wait for me until i was done. i totally broke down after the exam. i watched their psychiatrist (a lady) fill out the questionnaire...asking me questions that just cut me to the bone...questions that i answered honestly and then felt like a useless piece of garbage. the doc was ok, not mean, not super nice, just doing her job.

    i got denied anyway. i got an attorney, he filed a request for reconsideration and that just got denied too. now I am waiting for a hearing too. i've had to start cutting out meds and other things, been selling stuff from around the house trying to make any money i can because things really suck here. i know that SSA has to protect against fraudulant applicants, but darn psychiatrist, rheumatologst and therapist all said flat out that I cannot work. i saw the forms they filled out about my limitations...i dont know why SSA denied me. i am barely functioning now.
  7. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    I took the psych tests (about 3-4 hours worth of tests) & was told the results "proved" I was a mess. I was given a copy of the psych report sent to SS. Doc said in clear English that I was depressed & met all the qualifications for approval. I was still denied by SS due to another doc they sent me to who was a total quack.

    He never tested me for anything (no tender points, nothing) & said none of my other 7 specialists knew what was what with me. And...of course, SS believed him!

    No reconsideration in my state, so I'm waiting for my judge's appt 1 year from now. Bummer.

    best of luck to you!
  8. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    I had to see a local Psychiatrist because of my PDD-NOS to get my disability. my wife with learning disabilities had come up for a review so they had her meet with "their" Psychiatrist and he was treating her like she was stupid or something it made her mad and uncomfortable. they do that with about everyone i gather.
  9. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    Mine isn't scheduled yet but they have told me that they are setting one up and I'm just waiting to find out when and where.

    I was a little amused at the goof who called me from SSA: said poor concentration was caused by depression. I countered that mine was caused by fatigue. I guess he's never had a bad headache or the flu...

    Obviously he feels it his duty to waste the tax payers' money any way he can, so I have to go be analyzed. Of course if I'm there for hours and have to fill out a 200 page questionaire they will think I'm a loon! I'll be lucky to be conscious.

    Good luck with yours,

  10. Carol66

    Carol66 New Member

    After reading your reply I felt so much better! You were very smart to log everything. I filled out so many papers it was unreal. Thanks again!

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