psychoneurotic component?????

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    okay, I just have to vent right now!
    I got a copy this afternoon, of my medical report from the rheumy that dx me last year with FM/CFS. I was reading the report and in it, it states that:
    "In addition, there is a significant psychoneurotic component (mixed depression and anxiety) to her illness suggested by her marked emotional lability and tenderness with gimacing even to the most superficial touch. She was very emotional during the examination."

    Nkay...let's see.....DUH! Of course I was grimacing with pain! There was nothing light or superficial to his flippin touch! Oh and I was emotional! This was the fifth doctor that I had been to in the last four months, I was in pain, and I was in the exam room alone with this man, no nurse, and I was butt naked except for a gown!! He would not even let my husband in for the exam. Okay...I was a rape survivor at age 12. OH i always like strange men poking on my body in a room by myself! I guess it made me a little bit tense. So this makes me a hypochondriac?

    I am so sick of doctors making their little reports and twisting the story to try to make it all one sided. They sit in their nice comfy offices, and with out regard to asking my past history, or me being nervous, he writes this garbage!! I told him I was just nervous about the exam. I told him when I get mad, or nervous I cry. So what. I told him what was wrong. IS that being neurotic????

    Nkay...I have had some stress, but I am not making this stuff up. Oh yes I want to spend my money on doctors and tests and treatment becuase I want attention. RIGHT!!!

    I am taking this to my pain managment doctor on Tuesday when I do my trigger point injections, I am giving this to him and I will EXPLAIN this to him myself.
    I am going to tell him that if he is going to work with me and do what works for me fine. LONG and happy marriage to him. But if he is going to say I have neurotic tendencies, and this is all in my head, and causing the pain then I will tell him, that I will go back to Fruit cake doctor and let him pray with me in his office and tell me that I have the power to heal myself, while HE writes me my prescriptions!!! I would rather deal with a NUT DOCTOR and have what works for me, than have someone tell me that along with my fibromyalgia I AM A FLIPPIN NUT CASE MYSELF!

    AND...what is dysdiadokokinsia? I don't have a clue!
    Is that a neurotic thing too!

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    That makes me angry! (Oh excuse me, but I guess I'm being neurotic again)...LOL!

    Yeah, this new pain managment doctor asked me why I got off of my antidepressants. "Well, dr so-in-so it wasn't doing me any good any more. I've been on one for five years and then my PCP added another one. I got off of them and I have more energy than I have had in over two years. HELLLOOOO...I am depressed at times because I can't FUNCTION the way I use to, and that is not UNDERLYING, that is right out there in my face I'm flippin mad and sad because I am not ME any more. It's not, "OH I am so depressed that I think I'll just curl up on the couch and watch Gomer Pyle reruns on TV, and hurt like a dead dog all day. I think I'll just stop in my tracks climbing the stairs in my house because I'm in pain that the depression is causing." Gee.

    FM can cause depression right? But I'm tired of Dr. telling me the other way around. I have been through some life changing events, but hey...I still get up and make my home visits to lactating mothers (despite pain) I try to clean, I try to live a "normal" life. I deal. I cope. I have my faith, plus I have a wonderful support system :) but, this is not caused by depression or pshyconeurosis pshycosis what ever.

    I know there is probably some underlying stuff about the way my body deals with stress sure...and that being a rape survivor from age 12, yeah, I know your body has recall and blah, blah, I spent good money and years of therapy to deal with that stuff. Why would it manifest itself now in this whole FM/CFS thing?

    I'm just blowing now.
    Just wondered what exactly the line is there with depression, and what makes these rheumies so qualified?

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    My choice to fight this would be:
    1) get rid of conventional docs and only go to a holistic doctor. They will not treat you like this. They will give you a lot more time per appointment, and will actively try to get to the bottom of your symptoms without just covering them up with drugs.
    2) if you want to keep seeking conventional medical help, go to a psychologist or a shrink and get an MMPI test done ( and MMPI is the gold standard test for all basic neurosis, psychosis and personality disorders). Assuming this test comes back normal, get a copy, and take it to all future doctor appts. When they bring up this neurotic stuff, shove the copy of the MMPI in their faces to shut them up.

    P. S. I am a psychiatric social worker, and have never heard of that dysdiadokokinsia. Anyone else got a clue?
  4. Mikie

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    Stay away from rheumies. Try to find a doc who specializes in our illnesses and/or a pain specialist. Rheumies typically do not understand our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
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    we had a chance to review the chart notes before they become official.... Not so we could pick nits, but so we could question major things like that.

    Just before I got sick I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. My doc asked if I was skipping meals and I said "sometimes", because at that time I didn't always eat breakfast (or was it lunch). But I wasn't skipping meals to lose weight, I wasn't eating the meal because I wasn't hungry. Not to mention the psych I was seeing ONLY for meds. In every chart note after I got sick he basically said it could be psychosomatic, but my depression has never manifested itself that way. In the very last one before I moved, he said he "continues to believe it's psychosomatic". Duh!

    Sorry, guess I vented too. At least the others have good suggestions!
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    pregnancy just past, on my Run up sheet it had -
    Psycological disorders - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    I wanted to seriously kick some Obstetritian BUTT!!!!
    When I told my GP, he just said that the other guy was old school.

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    Hi Fibrojewel: I really liked your post! I had a very similar experience a couple of months ago with a rheumy and you expressed all the emotions I couldn't even get out of my mouth. I took my notebook of test results, symptoms, doctors notes, etc. and she barely looked at it and simply said, "My, you really have a lot of stuff here." She then proceeded to tell me she thought all my symptoms were because she thought I was depressed (duh - been on anti-depressants for 8 years!) and wouldn't even discuss the individual symptoms such as vertigo, thought processing problems, etc. She kept saying, "Well, let's just talk about the depression first." Anyway, by this time I was starting to cry because she asked if I had ever been to counseling and I said yes, but it just makes me cry. NOW THE KICKER - she asked if I had a church home and I said no. She looks at me incredulously and said, "You weren't raised with religion?" I answered no and am starting to really cry because she's so shocked. She then asks if I know anything about religion? I said I feel I'm quite a spiritual person, but just not formally religious. She then says to me, "You need to find a church home, find God, and He will take care of my depression. It really works, you know." Now I'm so stunned I can't even respond. She asks if I can do that and I just answer no. She goes, "Well, now you're just throwing up roadblocks by not going to church and not going to counseling." NOTE: Don't want to offend anyone because I truly do understand that faith and prayer can really help people, but I wasn't there for religious or psychiatric counseling. She does a 5 minutes physical exam by having me stand up and asks if I always stick my butt out. I say "only when my back and hips are so sore I can't straighten up". She then has me lay on the table and she starts moving my legs around and says, "My, are you always this flexible?" WHAT!!! I've never been flexible in my life; never even been able to touch my toes. Anyway, she won't even do the tender point test and just keeps asking me why I'm so sad (cause I'm still crying now). This IDIOT then proceeds to charge me $370 for this little chat. I was SO UPSET that I paid with a credit card, but am protesting it. As you can see, I'm STILL ticked off with this nut. Sorry to be so long, but thought you might get a kick of my experience. These idiots see us at our most vulnerable and then put everything down to "psychological" because we're crying and emotional. No duh! They would be too if they were spending as much money and time as we were just trying to figure out what's up. Sorry you had this experience, but wanted to let you know you weren't alone. P.S. Mikie (I think), I thought the rheumy's were the specialists for fibro? P.S.S. I looked up the word dysdiadokokinsia in my medical dictionaries and can't find it anywhere. FYI: I am currently doing a medical transcription course and have found some good resources. Anyway, good luck and take care. Hope you feel better.
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    I can't believe how many stupid doctors are really in the world. I know there are good ones, (rare)but when it's complicated, and they have to "remember" stuff from med school or research a little bit, or it's not run-of-the-mill runny, snotty nose, high blood pressure's almost like,...
    ..."Gosh, I can't belive this neurotic person is making me WORK. Now I have to RESEARCH!!!!I can't play Golf, go to the bar after work, or go lay on my butt and rest and enjoy all of this money I am milking from those incredibly stupid insurance companies."
    I have to dump...I have an appointment with my PCP to check thyroid level and meds tomorrow, and then my TRigger point injections Tuesday 7:30 AM OK I am very scared about that still.
    My mission today is to find out what in the heck dysdiadokokinesia is...let-cha know!

    *jewel "the neurotic"
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    is you mentioning that you were raped as a child and now you are in an office with only a gown on alone with a male doctor.

    I had some ugly family history that didn't affect me directly but the secondary effects have made me uncomfortable to be in situations you describe. My heart goes out to you with what you have been through. I cannot imagine.

    I had a wonderful woman doctor years ago (in another town) who advised her female patients to wear a jog bra and opaque cotton undies to all doctors appts.

    At that point, I was only seeing female doctors, but she explained to me that if seeing a male doc I can always have someone in the office with me, or request to have a nurse there. But she said you have to demand it. I am even uncomfortable with female docs, really, but will only demand this with male docs. My last male doc left the door open when alone with me. He only saw one patient at a time in the office, so no other patients would walk by. That was okay.

    The jog bra/cotton works for me. Only my ob/gyn ever needs to ask me to take either off.

    Please treat yourself with the respect you deserve by demanding a environment you will feel safe in.

    All that aside, let me say that doctor you saw was a real shmuck.
  10. fibrojewel

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    I don't know why I turn to much in front of doctors, and standing there in the room alone with him during an exam (which is not correct, a nurse should have been there and HE should have let my husband in the room)

    I will start demanding respect, and if they can't give it, then I guess I don't need them.

    Thanks! :)

    Hey...maybe i need a new nick "neurochick"
    what do ya think?
  11. fibrojewel

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    I have read the same thing about abuse/trauma.
    I do have to agree, I guess to a point. I remember that i was always physically ill afterwards. I know my body and yes it does manifest itself in the physical with me.

    I've written letters, dealt with, Cried, screamed, accepted, and forgiven (not agreed, or is ok with)my abuser.
    I have managed to have a "pretty" normal life except for the Normal psycotic stuff. LOL

    So what?????????? Even if it is "coming out through the physical" it is real! And I agree with you. Doctors are so ready to treat depression with drugs, why not treat the symptoms of, or other symptoms that occur with the DD?
    Seems it would make dealing with the DD awhole lot easier, and lessen the depression even more.

    That was over thirty years ago! I spent 10 years dealing with it the way the pshc's wanted me to: writing, going back, blah , blah, OK it happened, pick up and go on. He can't hurt me any more. Yes the anxiety is still there, I recognize "where" it's coming from and move on.

    In other word...I know where my anxiety comes from, I know what to do with it whenit happens. I FACE it. I am not always sitting around thinking "Oh poor me, I was abused, I think I'll develope symptoms of pain to deal with it" Ya know? This is something that I'm sure has developed after years of "stuff", but does it matter how it developed. Point is it is here, and I hurt! I need help managing the pain now so I can function to the best of my ability.

    Am I making sense?

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    Someone on this board neeeeeeeeeds to go to Medical school , become a doctor, Open a world wide clinic, hire only FM/CFS nurses (lots because we can only do about 2-4 hour shifts LOL)and treat everyone here, and anyone else that has FM/CFS and other related diseases!!

    We could even get enough going for research, and I know we could apply for all kinds of grants!!!

    Do you know how sucessful that clinic would be????

    I am wondering about those injections, I've heard that for acouple of days, you are sore as all get out!

  13. beckster

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    have to go through too many of these things. I do like your
    codename--Fibrojewel--your posts, and your attitude.

    In the future if I run into this kind of a doc problem I am going to do what Madwolf said he did the other day: politely
    but in no uncertain terms tell them not to bother to bill you because it won't be paid and that if they do bill you, you will report them to the Medical Board. Why should I pay for ignorance, and even worse, emotional abuse. (I can get that for free anywhere.) The LEAST a doc can do is just tell us that illness is out of his area, or that he doesn't treat it, refer us to someone who does, and leave it at that.
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    difficulty in performing rapid alternating movements

  15. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    Thank you! I think...LOL
    This does not surprize me...
    Maybe because I am either uncoordinated,
    Fibro dizzy
    or as they state just "neurotic"

    Hey I'm beginning to like that word...
    ..."They're coming to take me away ha ha..."

    Thanks for the info, really:)

  16. elaine_p

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    Actually, I think it's sad in a way, because it's not really a laughing matter. Or shouldn't be. Or shouldn't be so common that we DO find it funny.

    I won't go into the whole thing, but when I moved here the first doc I saw stuck me back on antidepressants, which I'd just stopped with the blessings of my doc, psych, and counselor (and felt fine). Then she asked how my relationship with God was. I said "it could be better", because whose couldn't? (She obviously doesn't understand anything about the 11th Step of AA: sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood him.) She told me two women patients with fibro had been prayed over and were cured. Hey, there's your cure guys!!! ;-) I'll stop there. I'm glad prayer worked for those two women, but I've been prayed over too (some of my family are very religious), and obviously God figured I shouldn't be cured yet.
  17. fibrojewel

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    I do believe in prayer, I believe in strength that the Lord gives us, but as you said...Who's relationship with Him could'nt be Better?????

    I think for a Doctor to practice as a "pastor" is beyond their scope of practice. As a nurse that same doctor would not expect me to practice outside of my scope...why then do they feel they can, just because they have MD behind their name? It doesnt stand for MULTI Diverse in practice!!!

    Let's keep laughing, it IS funny, SAD but really funny when you think about it!!!

  18. Annette2

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    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you will NEVER go back to that doctor! He is an idiot! I worked for doctors a long time ago. I worked with one who was a pulmonary specialist - everytime he examined a female patient, he always had one of us women come in the room. He said it was mandatory. In light of your past history, I would DEMAND another woman in the room with you. If not, then walk out!

    I also wanted to mention that not ALL rheumys are so horrible. My rheumy is very happy to give me the pain meds I need. She doesn't like to see me suffer. I don't get unreasonable, but if I tell her I'm in pain and what I currently have isn't working, she'll try something else. I have a lot of respect for her.

    I also want to say that again, I don't believe that "most FMS sufferers have been abused". I was never abused and I have as much pain as anyone else here. I'm sure that the stress of being abused can precipitate fibromyalgia, but I don't think it CAUSES it. I don't want new people here to get the wrong idea.

    Please find another doctor who will RESPECT you and treat you properly. There is no reason to stay with a jerk. Good luck!!!!!