PT for Degenerative Disc Disease

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    Has anyone every had Physical Therapy for DDD? I have it and my doctor has set me up an appointment for Wednesday. Just wondering what kind of things you have to do. I sure don't know if I am going to be able to do it. I never feel good. Never have any energy. Any info. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. angiecw71

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  3. angiecw71

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    my doctor told me that PT would actually do more harm than good. I think it matter what disc are involved and how much damage has already occurred.

    Good luck with it. DDD gets progressively worse and more and more painful.

    Big soft hug
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    Thanks Nancy, I tell you I just dont see how I am going to do it. The disk that I have involved are L5 and S1. My right hip,thigh and leg have been hurting sooooo bad from it and now my left hip has started bothering me also... I am suppose to go for evaluation Wednesday. I don't think I am going to be able to do it. I don't even have the energy to clean my house. Thanks for you response.

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    I just had PT for DDD. Back went out, again, so bad it had me bent way over. Muscles were in major trauma. I have a herniation at L5-S1.

    PT did moist heat, ultra sound & massage. Once they get you to a point they feel you can handle it they teach you safe exercises. What they do depends on where & how it's affecting you.
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    Make sure they know you have Fibro and the DDD and if they are well informed they will be able to help you. I have gone off and on over the years and as long as they take it slowly it does help.
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    I have DDD and had spinal fusion last year...,,,Be careful...I switched P Therapists and he told me the last one I was going to should of NEVER tried to put me in traction (where they make you hang from a swing)..Pool therapy worked best for me...BUt...remember sometimes even the water temp can be painful for us Fibro people. Tell the PT everything during your consult and never do anything that hurts...The massages are good though!..My arms are weak also...that makes it hard for some of the simple exercises...but they help you with all that...L.
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    Massage on my lower back where the DDD is the worst really aggravates it and puts me in terrible pain. Even a gentle massage makes it much worse.

    However I have been going for PT for a couple of months and it is helping. He does ultrasound, electrical stimulation and moist heat. He has also started doing a very gentle traction.

    You must find a good PT who understands your DD's.

    Good luck.
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    I really appreciate all the advice you all have given me. I will definitley be letting them know my limits. I have a hard enough time getting out of bed without them making it worse.

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    Just from my own experience I have to say that two attempts at PT for DDD never helped. That is just the way it was for me.

    Why not give it a try? We all respond differently and maybe you can get some relief.