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  1. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Is it possible to have PTSD for sexual child abuse that happened over 40 years ago? I was abused by may stepfather when I was 8 years old, until my teens.

    Sometimes when I smell certain smells it brings back memories. This is troubling for me, I know it has effected my relationships.

    I have never talked to anyone about this except my chiro (he is a great doc and person). I showed him a book I was reading by Carolyn Myss. She writes about emotional pain that manifests in certain part of the physical body, he thought that I was on to something that might help with my overall well being.(Physical, emotional etc..)

    I know stress is a biggy for pain, I have DDD with FM, so I do know stress increases the pain.

    Do you think I have PTSD? After all these years?
    Please help me. Do you think I need to see a therapist?
    What are some of your thoughts...
    Thank you,
    (this is embarassing, I know it wasn't my fault, but I feel so bad that this happened, like it was my fault)
  2. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    It is the result of a gang rape when I was 15 years old. I didn't exhibit the symptoms until 9/11/01. You can guess why the timing is as it is.

    When 9/11 happened, all of a sudden I felt like there was no place safe for me anymore. I am in therapy and on meds. It really helps!

    I also have a wonderful husband who, although he doesn't understand having never been through that kind of thing, he lets me know that he is there and will take care of me no matter what.

    My advice is to try to find some professional help. There is no stigma for getting help when you need it.

    This might help the pain, but it is NOT the cause of it!

    God Bless.
  3. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I have looked up some info. about PTSD online and yes it states that you can have PTSD after any kind of sexual abuse. Maybe you need to check into cognitive behavior therapy. From what I understand it can help tremendously with PTSD. Just look up PTSD or cognitive behavior therapy and there is lots of helpful info. about both of these.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Thank you for your replies, all of you. I will check out the sites on PTSD. You have been helpful.
    I do have books on cell memory, I can't remember the names at the moment.I have books on Chakra Healing,too.

    I have done some work with my massage therapist in Heart Centered Healing. It all seems to help by releasing the emotions held in body.

    I did some work on my Inner Child that was very informative for me.

    I know I need to work more on the mental and emotional levels of pain. By freeing these issues in order to heal on all levels. I know that healing starts from within.

    I just want to find inner peace.
    I have a friend who passed on 1 year ago today, he was someone I could tell anything to. We were friends unconditionaly. We discussed life and death and "in between"
    I miss him terribly. We were kindered spirits, I miss him, I'm going to cry....So sorry to get so far of the subject.

    I have many issues to work out. Thanks for letting me ramble on...

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  5. lenasvn

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    I have PTSD, most of it stems from early childhood. At this age, the memories are "cell", meaning smell, sound, touch.
    I noticed as I aged (since I wasn't aware of why I had so many problems) that similar events or me allowing/ignoring my feeling to pull away further deepened my PTSD symptoms.

    It can and often will last thru life. The thing to do is to learn coping mecanisms, and recognise when triggers come about. Be gentle when it happens, inform a spouse on what's happening and when.

    Please ask anything you want, I have worked hard on my stuff for quite a long time now, I may not know much, but I might have a cent or two to pitch in with. Alot of mine is child sexual abuse, but also trauma from hospitalizations and severe physical illness during my first 3 years as a child.

    Often we feel bad although it's not our fault, or was. It is in a sense the child you were back then who is feeling this. Your cell memories bring your emotions back to then, and you will feel like that 7 yr old, or that 12 yr old.

    many hugs to you,

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  6. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I was dx'ed with this only after I was dx'ed with fibro. I had never thought of myself as someone suffering from this. Other then the fibro I thought I was doing good. Then one night my older sister called me and it made me feel like I was a little kid again and she was teasing me and tying to prove she was the better person. She said some things that most people would have hung the phone up but it was so ingrained to listen to her vile stuff that it never entered my mind to hang up on her and it was cause of fear. It sent me into a deep deep depression to the point that while I would never kill myself it definetly made me know how my daughter felt when she use to cut. When I went and saw my therapist he informed me that is what PTSD is all about. Now I understand how it has shaped my life and what I have done in my life. There is other stuff too that can take me back but yes PSTD can come out whenever and it doesn't matter how long ago the event happened. Good luck and yes I would advise you to seek therapy. It is not going to be easy or quick but I think worth it in the long run.....Suef
  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I have extreme PTSD for practically my whole life. I can't write the details, but it was very long- term, extreme abuse.

    I have found tremendous help in therapy. Now is a good time to go. If you ask for an experienced therapist who works with ptsd clients, there is a pool of knowledge that was not available decades ago, but IS available now.

    A good therapist can help you process and heal from your abuse experiences. It is definitely not your fault, and a therapist can help unite or integrate what you know to be true compared to what you feel.

    A good therapist will validate your reality.

    My therapist is very aware and works with the mind/body connection, and is also aware of the chakras.

    I think Carolyn Myss is a very wise, gifted healer and writer. The book that helped me recognize that I have PTSD is "Trauma and Recovery" by Judith Herman. I underlined almost every sentence in that book!

    Since you are asking our opinions, I would say for sure that you have PTSD. Such terrible abuse experience does not go away.

    I think that definitely you should see a therapist with experience especially in the area of sexual abuse.

    It was extremely brave for you to write it out here! But I think it is crucial to have a strong, safe healer, a therapist to help you heal.

    And you can call on us - since we're on the same healing journey!!! It's just that we can't take the place of a professional who can fully help you.

    Sending prayers for you to have the strength to start your healing journey.

    Love, Judy
  8. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I have it,(traumatic childhood) and most definitely it can manifest itself in body pain. I pray you do have the strength for you healing journey.
    Hugz, Karen
  9. gracepartaker

    gracepartaker New Member

    I am an abuse survivor and a psychotherapist. Therapy can be very helpful in healing childhood abuse. After therapy I had so much more emotional energy and emotional peace.

    EMDR is a helpful therapeutic tool. There is alot you can read to also help.

    I wish you much healing. It is possible. Sally

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