Pubic and/or SI Pain

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  1. TaniaF

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    I get horrible flareups of the tissues all along the pubic bone in the front along with SI dysfunction in my lower back.

    Now, I have gone to therapy and do special exercises for the sacroiliac joint issues, but does anyone ever get pubic bone and tissue pain?

    It's like an annoying burning and achy pain.

    I have used ice packs to curb the inflammation (if that is the problem) or could it be nerve inflammation?

    Yesterday, I alternated between ice and heat. The heating pad feels better.

    I can't take NSAIDS (stomach gastritis) so just Tylenol to take the edge off.

    I don't even know which type of doctor to see if this doesn't go away. GYN, Rheumatologist, etc.

    Any suggestions? Anyone else get this?
  2. ameilie73

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    I get both i have a tilted pelvis. Think its an inherited thing. I can feel it when i sit down i lean to the left when sitting and standing. Physios tend to promote core stability exercisres but i do have a problem with the muscle on the left side being tighter so i have to be careful. Because my SI joint is out it puts my pubis bone out to.

    I identify with the burning at first i thought i had a bladder infection all the time. And that deep pain in the pelvis i get that too. Just wondered what they attribute your SI dysfunction to. You can buy a SI belt to put on to help engage the right muscles, ive slept with mine on sometimes because i feel like my hips are coming out of joint. Its always been an issue for me. But made worse by fibro. I have read that in pubity the pelvis in women is suppose to tilt back to accomodate pregnancy but sometimes it fails to do it or do it on oneside due to lack of hormone. I also have a retroverted uterus an pcos so i believe hormones are definately involved in mine. Your doing the right thing, heat or cold, massage can help to. Do you have a true leg length discrepancy?
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  3. TaniaF

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    I remember years ago, I was helping my husband take a long heavy box from the SUV. Even though I wasn't lifting--the jar of it hitting the ground did a number on me. I have had issues ever since.

    I see a physical therapist who specializes in SI and does a simple adjustment to put it back in place - but it goes out and I'm not sure why. At the moment, I'm in therapy again to build up the muscles, but the exercises sure don't help the fibro.

    I have a belt, but I don't wear it much. Maybe I should. I don't find it very comfortable and I do have poor posture.

    I'm not sure if I have much leg length problems but I will have him check it again. I know when I wear different shoes - from TEVA sandals to sneakers to flats, I get that burning ache down my hips and back pain.

    The therapist said to try Orthoheel as my feet tend to roll and I don't keep my arch up straight.

    When I get into a flare, I just wonder how long it will take to resolve? And if there is anything else to do?

    Well, back to the ice pack.

  4. ameilie73

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    Yes the orthoheels are a good idea. You can get someone to measure your leg length take a tape measure and measure from your belly button to the inside ankle then measure the otherside. See for me, mine use to present as lower back ache. It wasnt till i fell on my butt quite hard, that i started suffering the SI problems. Although i was aware some family members did have lower back problems it wasnt until my SI diagnosis that they realised they had the same skeletal adnormality as me with their pelvis. So the way you can find out if its inherited is to find out if any other family members hips are uneven.

    Because for me, my pelvis is the first abnormality physios notice. And they always say its postural and can be remedied. Then they yank away at one leg trying to manipulate it back, saying that theyve altered it. Next time feel for yourself to see if theres a difference. Because if it is an inherited thing that the accident has triggered because there was a weakness there anyway, yanking it will make no difference and will only serve to cause you more pain. It had me in agony.

    Once physio stopped it settled. I still suffer with it, especially if sitting for too long period, picking up heavy items, (carrying children on hip is a good trigger) but id never let a physio do that again. Oh one did say that there was nothing to be done, but did advise never bending down with straight legs or cycling as both cause stress to the joint. So i do think it is worthwhile finding out if there is a possibility that you have always had it, just to make sure that physio can remedy it and not just cause you unnecessary pain.

    I hope all goes well for you, it is a horrid pain to suffer what with fibro too.


  5. Mikie

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    For pelvic pain. He found nothing wrong and wanted me to see my gastroenterologist and my urologist. I did neither. I finally figured out that it was pelvic spasms. They did an interior ultrasound and the tech told me to empty my bladder. I tried and tried and couldn't. She was very irritated with me and dug around with the sensor to get a clear view of my ovaries due to the full bladder. The pelvic spasms were not only painful but prevented emptying my bladder. I still get these spasms from time to time. I've found that if I put a small piece of Klonopin (clonazepam) under my tongue, the spasm goes away. This works for all kinds of spasms.

    Love, Mikie
  6. gb66

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    I hope it's ok to get in on this discussion. I am so surprised to read that you have the same thing I've been experiencing. I lean to the left when sitting and standing. My torso is twisted to the right.

    Is this a pelvis problem? Some of the places that I sit in regularly, my recliner/toilet seat, are all tilting to the right due to my sitting on them many times over the years.

    I also have a shorter leg now. My clothes fit crooked on me. I cannot get comfortable when sitting for any length of time. I thought it was a spine problem. What is Sl joint? GB66
  7. TaniaF

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    The SI Joint(s) are on either side of the spine in the lower pelvis. I'm not sure of how they function, but mine rotates too much and gets out of place, mostly on the left causing lower back pain and this pain radiates to the front of the pelvis causing pubic bone pain and burning.

    It hurts both standing and sitting for me.
  8. ameilie73

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    You sound like you have a mild scoliosis like me which causes a twist in the spine. See things are not so straight forward when you have this. Because its inherited in my family. I can see that my father when diagnosed with it was given a heel raise for the apparent leg lengh discrepancy, what i mean by that is his legs are the same length but his twisted pelvis makes one look and feel shorter than the other. He doesnt seem to have developedca twist in his spine. However, my aunts have never had heel lifts and have, like me, a mild scoilosis in their spines. However,my father has developed degenerative discs on one side of his lower spine. Whether thats just due to old age or has something to do with the heel raise i dont know.

    See people can have scoliosis without the pelvic tilt. Others like me have a pelvic tilt on the oneside. Its hard to determine what came first , in your case the short leg or like mine the pelvic tilt, but then thats because id never noticed the mild scoliosis .

    The Sacroiliac joint is a slightly movable joint along with the symphysis pubis. They articulate with the sacrum in the back to form a ring of bone (the pelvic girdle).

    But as i have said a number of things can cause problems with sitting and leaning to one side, osteoporosis in the spine, disc degeneration, scoliosis usually referred to having no known cause, then some people who fall directly on their bottoms can get problems, my fathers started when playing golf, but then like me he already had a skeletal abnormality there. It could be muscular the ilio psoas could be to short and tight causes the pelvic bone to twist. Sometimes one side of the pelvis is larger than the other. Any of these can cause the body to try and compensate.

    Ive been given a heel lift many times, but i aldo worry id get degenerative discs like my father if i use it. Another physio suggested sitting the butt cheek that leans on a piece of foam to level me up. Lol, dont know why i laugh some of the things ive been through, and places ive been with regards to my body, still its a bit difficult to go anywhere without it. We could all right a book.with the stories we have.

    One thing i did notice was how my jumper would wearvon one side, go bobberly. When i was little my mother use to complain that id be always walking into her.
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