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    Thought some of you might want to know about the Public Health Alert Organization: Its monthly FREE newsletter can be found at

    "Public Health Alert (PHA) is a newspaper committed to researching and investigating Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses in the United States. We have joined forces and informational resources with local and nation wide support group leaders. These groups include the chronic illnesses of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS), Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FMS), and various other illnesses of unknown origins.

    "Public Health Alert seeks to bring information and awareness about these illnesses to the public attention as well as a broad base of health and nutritional news. We seek to make sure that anyone struggling with these diseases has proper support emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and medically."

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    I have been on that site in the past and there are some really good articles. I just recently printed one to give to my PCP called "Western Blots Made Easy" by James Schaller, MD.

    I am taking alot of information to my PCP on Wed Dec 31. I know from my visit with him last Dec that he is very "underinformed" about lyme disease, so I thought I'd provide some info.
    This year maybe he won't be able to argue with me about it if I have it in black and white to show him.

    I've had FM for 22 years and I'll be having the Igenex lyme testing done on Monday, Jan 5.
  3. victoria

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    I'm glad you're having the testing done - just remember that even the CDC says these intracellular infections remain a clinical diagnosis as the testing, even by IGenex (which has the highest reliability but is only at best 70% regarding lyme), isn't that reliable overall...

    That's why a good LLMD/Lyme Literate MD will make a clinical judgement/diagnosis and may give you a trial treatment regardless of the results of your test. Few (or none?) tests are 100% reliable, unfortunately.

    Also, most people have more infections than just lyme, or you can have 1 or more infections without lyme - that wreak havoc in almost the same ways. Including mycoplasma, an infection often discussed here. Ticks are dirty bugs!

    I'm really glad that PHA is broadening their scope, they are very informative. You might want to check the sticky at the top of the Lyme board here regarding different protocols and info and sites about Lyme, you'll find a lot of good 'hard' information as well as ways to find lyme-literate MDs/LLMDs.

    all the best,
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    Thanks Victoria for the information. Hopefully I will find more answers soon, other than the viruses that I know I have already.

    I was reading your profile and saw that you have chronic sinusitis and were looking for answers. Perhaps by now you have found answers to that problem, but if you haven't, I just happened to be reading an article yesterday by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum that addresses chronic sinusitis.

    His columns can be found on the "Environmental Illness Resource" site. On the left side of the page, scroll down and look for "Dr Teitelbaum's column" on it and all his colums will come up. There are alot of good ones to read. Scroll down to "Chronic Sinusitis-Actually a Yeast Infection". His information makes alot of sense.

    I'm sure you know already from all the lyme info that you've read, that chronic sinusitis can also be a symptom of lyme.

    Thanks again for your response. Good luck to you.
  5. sweetbeatlvr

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    i've bookmarked the page, looks like some great info.

    LISALOO New Member

    I'm checking the page out too. i use colloidal silver for my sinusitis, it's gotten better but not all the way, so wondering if it's still candida.
  7. LindaJones

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    thanks for posting
  8. victoria

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    actually my sinusitis is getting better. After trying everything (well at least 99% of what's available) short of irrigating with manukka honey or getting to try the amphotericin nasal sprays that are still in clinical trials... I credit the marshal protocol/MP with helping me slowly but surely. Now instead of near 24/7 headaches, it is about 1-2 days out of 7 and only lasts maybe 12 hours instead of 24... the 'worst' kind occurs about 1X/month rather than 5 out of 7 days.

    I do strongly believe I have one or more tickborn infections... my response initially to the MP is what gave me the clues as to what was wrong with my son as his symptoms in many ways mimicked mine but were way worse. For myself, I just can't afford the tests considering the lack of reliability to 'prove' it. Results are what prove that I do have 1+ bugs...

    all the best,

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