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    Wondering if anyone else here has suffered through this? Please any advice or words of wisdom greatly appreciated!
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    It was classed as major and I was in intensive care for a week. I went into anaphylactic shock as result of one of my Tx (ancrod/arvin via cardiac capheter), but that was a known risk, and then from iodine dye. My medical team were excellent throughout. My second scan showed I still had clots in my pelvic area so I guess that's where they came from.

    It took some time to recover from the PE but within a year there were very minimal residual effects. The year long course of warfarin made me feel unwell and I think that contributed. After pregnancy I was put on warfarin and I felt rotten again; but no PE or DVT.

    After my PE I tried to get back to normal too quickly and quickly discovered that was a mistake; so I guess good advice would be to allow yourself however long it may take to recover.

    A lot of patients fully recover. Despite the severity of my PE the resulting lung damage was considered no different from that following pneumonia. This was before I became ill with ME so after my intial recovery period I was able return to part time and then full time work and even sport.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery
    tc, Tansy
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