Pulse Magazine for GPs promote CBT and MUS again

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    There was yet another article used to promote CBT for MUS (medically unexplained symptoms); CFS and IB were quoted under this banner.

    Dr Ellen Goudsmitt has sent a reply; see


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    I can not get to the websit copying and pasting. I will keep trying.

    Take care.

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    Hi Gap

    Hope it works this time.

    tc, Tansy
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    Dr Bass is sadly misled in believing that patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (now officially named CFS/ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) are 'reasonably comfortable' with the use of the term 'functional' or indeed 'somatoform' to describe their illness. The reality is quite the opposite.

    He chooses to ignore the thousands of papers evidencing biological abnormalities (rendering questionable the use of the term 'medically unexplained' with reference to this condition) as well as the pressing need for appropriate testing and further biomedical research into ME/CFS.

    This is the most disturbingly misleading article refering to CFS that I have read for some considerable time. I trust that PULSE will redress the balance in the near future and print a better-informed article about diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME, placing it separate from somatoform disorders. GPs following Dr Bass's guidance would be doing both themselves and their patients with CFS/ME a gross disservice.

    Jacqui Footman, Information and Publicity Officer, South Molton ME Support Group, www.mecfssupportdevon.org.uk

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