pumpkin seeds

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  1. hi all,

    i reported a few weeks ago that i was feeling great while eating two level table spoons of pumpkin seeds at night.i had energy like id never known before.

    id been eating them at night, as i was sort of light headed when id eaten them in the mornings,and my son had been drinking the water that had been pre boiled,and then the pumpkin seeds had soaked in it for 20 mins.

    he said he had felt ill,and couldnt sleep while drinking the pumpkin water.

    my daughter however,had no problems with it.

    i thought that was very strange.

    im still having the light headedness,what we call vertigo.

    but havent been on the pumpkin seeds for four days now.a paramedic said i should get off them,and continue to detox.

    his thought was i might be allergic to pumpkin seeds,and also be bothered with dettol fumes.

    ive since found that my hayfever is to blame.

    theres a sort of fibre outdoors that bothers my body/all over the skin.

    and my eyes,nose,mouth.

    my dog is troubled with it too,and some people downtown are as well.young and old alike.

    so heres what im doing,as my bone pain has started up again now im not on pumpkin seeds.

    ive stuck one elasta plast to my left arm,to see if im allergic to it.

    on my right arm ive stuck a elasta plast with just one pumpkin seed under it.im going to leave them on my body for 48 hours.

    this is to see if i have a allergy to either of these things.

    if i dont have a allergy to the pumpkin seed,then i might start eating just one teaspoon of them at night.

    i need help with my ribcage pain and foot pain.i didnt have this when i was eating pumpkin seeds nightly.

    im not going to take arthritis medication,i have sensitivities to things in medication.

    love fran