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  1. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Seems like few loose garden topics from last year, but checking back...........well, I'm mostly excited because today is the birthday of my Atlantic Giant pumpkins. Sprouted this morning!

    Actually two plants, nicknamed "Big Boy" (the first) and "the other Boy". A third should sprout but I haven't given a name yet.

    Anyway, guess I just can't bear to get serious these days........just too insane in the World , so I think I'll put all my emotional investment into a few pumpkins.

    Total Showboating, of course. No real purpose other than show that I can grow the biggest pumpkin in the neighborhood.

    Not biggest in the World, of course. I think the record is about 1900 lbs now.

    Figure I might get a 400 pounder. Oh, I'm going to grow the roots on my side of the fence, and the pumpkin will grow on the fire department's side of the fence. I figure that if it gets to be 400 lbs then they will be the only people who will be able to move it. I'll donate it to the fire department, of course. I'm pretty sure they won't mind it growing on their side of the fence.

    (Hmmm, maybe I'll put small hole in it, and make it a summer home for my neighbor's Guinea pig.)

    Meanwhile, a few green leaves and swelling plant buds here. A four inch snow yesterday, but mostly melting now.

    Seems that I had more to say, probably something about searching for purpose, but probably more than enough for now:) Cheers, your Mr Bill

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  2. rockgor

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    Where are your plants? Outside in the snow and cold? In a potting shed?

    I read an account some years ago about a farm boy who raised an enormous
    pumpkin. It was milk fed. He connected a bowl of milk to the pumpkin vine w/
    a wick. Gave it milk daily. If I could remember the source of this info
    I'd give it to you.

    Well, good luck w/ your project. In case of any mishap or accident, you can
    repair your Big Boy w/ a pumpkin patch.

  3. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I'll get a pumpkin patch right away! LOL

    The pumpkins are safe inside with me. In the living room. I'll move them into the 24hr grow lights in the kitchen. I tried giving glucose solution to a gourd once, but it didn't work. Maybe I'll try some plant hormones. But I might be breaking the official pumpkin growing rules. I wonder if they routinely test winning pumpkins for hormones? So many questions.

    Cheers, your mr Bill

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sounds like you have a plan living next to the Fire Dept., LOL, now that is smart thinking....

    there IS a purpose to have fun/creating diversions in this life. We all need it. Not a bad mission in life at all!

  5. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Rock, I've had a great time creating fun/diversions today. I've asked everyone I've talked to since last night, about a dozen people, "How do you fix a broken Pumpkin?" . I even got a laugh from someone who was calling in sick. Thanks, cheers, your mr Bill

    Uhh, living next to a fire station was suggestion I learned from the madscientist school.

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