pupil dilation at optometrist--question

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    I havent done this for years, did it once almost 10 years ago and took all day to get vision right again.
    but anyway, I have been told I should do it again to make sure the slightly blurry vision I often have isnt anything serious but I have put it off.
    and I read at one forum that one guy had a bad chemical reaction to the dilating chemical they use he got like manic.....what is up with that? since I am chemically sensitive now I am concernd I could get a psycho-active reaction from dilation. Does anyone know much about this?
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    Simonedb: I mostly am on here and read. This is so ironic I have been wanting to put this on the board for three weeks. I broke my glasses about three weeks ago and had to go in an get my eyes checked for new glasses as it had been over three years. I have Fibro, Mutiple Chemical Sensitivities and Myofascial. The opt. dilated my eyes and also used a chemical to deadend my eyes to check for gluacoma. Well, on our way home I got very nausated and told my husband I was going to pass out, having trouble getting my breath. He rushed back to the ER, where at first the doctor told him eye drops do not go into the system and could not be causing this. But thank goodness he checked with the pharmacist and found out that in some people it could excite their nervous system. They kept me for about five hours to make sure it did not get worse. He did not want to give me anything else as I have had reactions to most drugs I am given, including Benadryl.

    Well now it has been three weeks and I am still flat on my back. Everytime I get up I try to pass out I have very blurry vision. Just laying here my nervous system feels like it is on overload. My Doctor and another Eye M.D. cannot find what is causing this or when I will get back to the point I was before all this. The second eye doctor was great he explained to me that I have a opening by my tear duct that allowed the drops to run into my nasal cavity and into my throat and into my system. He said the medicine constricts the veins in the eye and were constricting my blood veins and I was extremely lucky I had not passed out. He told me not to let anyone put drops in my eye without pinching off at the bridge of my nose and not to have drops in my eyes unless absolutely necessary. I was so lucky as he understood fibro as his mother has the DD.

    I have to travel to these appointments and I cannot tolerate a moving car. I carry a plastic bag with me and feel as if I am going to pass out and die. No one has offered any help. Just sent me home. We have no family around us, so my husband puts me on the couch in the morning and I lie here till he gets home. How do I describe how it feels to lay in the house with no one to help you and feel as if you are taking your last breath. I keep telling myself I have been at this three weeks so it can not be serious but my body is fighting with my brain over this. I know their are others here who know this feeling. It is so frustrating to me that we are sent home in this kind of shape to deal with it on our own, while everyone else goes about their happy lives.

    Sorry to go on like this. Anyway, be careful. I will pray it all works out okay for you. My suggestion is if you have to have drops have them pinch off the bridge of your nose. I sure woiuld appreciate any advice someone could give me to get over this. Anyone else had this problem. Let e know how it works for you.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your plight. If the one eye doc sort of understood your situation, can you call him and ask him how to hasten your recovery and why you arent back to how you were yet? It could be the shock to your system just has you shocked yet and in some sort of flare up loop. I got sick for a week or so once just from painting one small wall, never will do that again, was about 8 years ago.
    This is scary to hear.
    I was told though that they can't rule out cataracts without the dilation? and I do want to rule that out cus this blurry vision is of concern, it gets worse from stuff like taking a bath or b vitamins (worse) etc. This dd is too crazy for me anymore, especially in a dog eat dog world, its hard to keep a good attitude about it when the culture is "pull yourself up by your bootstrap", darwinian....anyway, just sorta bummed about it all right now.

    anyway, niteowl, I wonder if a bunch of charcoal would be a good idea, I mean were you poisoned did the one doc say? and if so is there an antidote? maybe you could ask an attorney?

    also if others know if i can figure out about cataracts another way?
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    Hi, wow thats scary I have this done at least once a year for what the optometrist calls a freckle in my left eye that can be pre cancerous.I have never had any problems other than the uncomfortable sensitivity to light and waiting for it to wear off, which last for several hours.This year I asked him if there was something he could put in my eyes to reverse the dilation so it wouldnt last so long and the dr. said yes and put some other drops in . It made my down time several hours shorter. This procedure was something I never feared or really thought about much, but after reading some of the post here makes me wonder about it now. I also have blurry vision that comes and goes, dont know what causes it. Good luck and Blessings to you.
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    My husband got me and appointment again with the eye doctor for Tuesday. He had said if not better to come back. This is the one that his mothe has Fibro. He also got an appointment with my Neuro but that isn't until the 18th. The eye doctor had said the eye drops were well out of my system, so I'm not sure charcoal would help. But I guess it couldn't hurt to try.

    I didn't mean to scare anyone. I just wanted to let everyone know there could be a possiblity they could have problems with eye drops and to be careful. It seems to me years ago they used to check for glaucoma with a little puff of air. Does anyone remeber this. If so why can they not use that on people who are so sensitive to drugs. Also this second eye doctor I am going to check my eyes Thursday without drops and he stated I did not have cataracts.

    Thanks for everyones concern. It helps so much to be able to come to this website to get helpful information and support. It is comforting in a weird sort of way to know that you are not alone in this journey to get better from this DD. I am so sorry there are so many of us, but at the same time I am glad I am not alone. Does this make any sense? Bottom line , Thank you for being there.