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    We've had a busy couple of weeks at our house. Yesterday my husband's Chihuahua had three babies and two weeks ago her 2 year old daughter had three also. I am SO glad it's over and now I can just be the
    maid for the mothers and babies.

    The two year old had to end up having a CSection and sadly lost three puppies, but the three left are just absolute little doll boys!! One black and white, one brown and white and one white witha black mustache. Their eyes are open now and oh my goodness, they are just little angels!

    Yesterday's new mom had to have total vet assistance to deliver hers but avoided a CSection thankfully. She had six two years ago and we kept them all. She had no problems at all the first time so we were taken by surprise this time. She also lost two of her five, but has three angels left to love. Also one black and white, one brown and white and one all white except a black mark by it's tail and a black mark on it's forehead. She has two girls and boy.

    Mama number one was only too willing to have us help her during and before her CSection and then after, but mama number two is really in a "snit" for the first time ever. I don't blame her after what she went through..and it is definitely the last litters we will ever try.

    Whether or not we let these go to forever homes is up in the air. I HOPE we'll have the fortitude to let them have their own families and that's the intention at least. We just have to TRY not to get too attached this time. I really have ALL I can handle with the ones I have already.

    I still don't know what got into me to breed them this time, a FM moment? I wish I hadn't since the last thing the world needs is more sweet puppies that will HOPEfully find wonderful homes where they will live to their final old age!! But I did it and I will do everything in my power to screen people, do a contract and
    pray it all works out.

    In the meantime we'll have the sweetness that only puppies can bring..besides the grown ones..LOL! I just had to share because I AM so excited inspite of the bad side of it all..and just will not let
    myself think anything but goodness will come for all of them. I'll post pictures when my daughter can do it for me, once all are open eyed and ready to meet the world.

    Anyone else have Chi's? They get a bad rap but they really are the greatest, heartiest best little companions and believe it or not "Watch Dogs" in the world!! LOL! Well, at least they let you know if someone is around that shouldn't be, the rest is up to you to handle. They are alot like potato chips, just one won't do and there's always room for just one more..in our house at least. Hugs, Bambi
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    heart and spirit of a Chi!! They've never met a big dog they didn't think they could challange, eh? Haha. I had two Great Danes we lost last year to old age and my Chihuahuas always ran straight to them outside and did a
    circle of the wagons around them..yapping and shoving out their chests. Of course the Danes rarely even gave them the courtesy of looking down, more like pesky flies were at their feet!

    Any time I hear some one say Chi's are just annoying little "yappers" I can't help but fill them in on all the great qualities of the breed. My first one lived to be 19 and I have my mother's who is 19 now. Even she wags that tail, prances out to do her duty and bark at anything that "might" dare think about invading her area..then prances back inside. They are like Mice with Lion hearts!!

    We'll be having some real fun in a couple of weeks when this first litter hits around 5 to 6 weeks old
    for sure. I'd say I can't wait but I won't wish their puppy time away. I WILL post pictures as soon as my daugther can get over with her digital camera and can do it for me on her computer. They change daily so much.

    Thanks for replying. I just had to brag a little on being a grandma, my kids aren't having children by choice, so this is as close as I'll get I'm afraid. They think they are
    children anyway. LOL! Hugs, Bambi
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    Nobody ever told chi's that are small dogs! They think they are rotweillers!

    Happy puppies! Pics please! We love puppy pics!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I wish I had pictures now, but my daughter also has severe FM and works. She's been having a flare so just hasn't been up to getting over to take the pics. The moment I do have some they'll be posted and I'll do a topic on it to let anyone that wants to see them know. Thanks!
    Hugs, Bambi
  5. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!
    I know they are just adorable!!!

  6. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I haven't even got them out of the mom's boxes yet and couldn't think of letting them go yet. And the LAST thing I need is another dog, no doubt your dog is a sweetheart
    ..unfortunately I have a FARM of sweethearts! Haha.

    I AM going to be trying to place these babies in forever homes when they reach about 9 to 12 weeks. You have to keep them longer than most puppies since they don't really mature until they are 18 months old, so they take a little more time with moms and then people socializing and potty manners starting.

    I know you're kidding but the fact is I'm going to run an ad soon and hope to find some ladies who maybe have our dd's (or similar), need a forever companion and don't necessarily have a bundle to buy a dog. I'm more interested in them getting a great home than anything else and I'm hoping they will end up the only (kid-s) in the house, maybe a cat or bird to share the 'throne' with.

    Yet another reason I may end up with them as an addition to my own crew is that it has to be someone local and I have to be able to make a home visit to inspect fencing (for potty out time only) and to try to be sure there aren't any small kids or teens
    with skulls and cross bones on their
    bedroom walls. LOL!

    Sadly also no snakes!! There are actually people out there who pay alot for tiny pups and rabbits etc for feeding to their snakes or equally as awful, as training aids for their Pitbulls. UGHHH!

    In our city area there are also some people who consider dogs as a real delicacy as personal food. I hate to even write it as it makes me ill, but it's a fact. So finding homes for these little lion hearts is a real big responsibility and I may take it too seriously..but I yam what I yam as Popeye used to say. LOL! Thanks for the love--ly offer though. Hugs, Bambi
  7. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I'm sure your darling will shape up and come out of all this to be your
    PRIZE effort. OR you won't have a house left, I'll hope the later doesn't come first! Haha. I'm sure you will find just the PERFECT victim, er, I mean person, to take the sweetheart home soon. I'd HATE to resort to a stick! LOL! Hugs, Bambi
  8. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    in the size of the two litters. The second litter has what appear to be
    eventually tiny dogs, where mom number one has puppies that should be the normal 5 to 6 pound variety. I'm a little concerned about one of the new ones, I think he may have been a little premie, but he's gaining every day and still doing ok. I'd sure hate to lose even one, they're SO precious! Hugs, Bambi
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    Bambi New Member

    I know once Max was past his eating furniture and everything loose, he was the greatest dog in the world. We loved him dearly and wouldn't have parted with him for anything. His "tricks" were all captured on film AFTERwards and it gave us a lot of laughs with friends LATER. At the time it seemed awful.

    He and his later buddy Dane even tore up and ATE every fruit tree we had just planted when we decided to do our back yard. We came home and each one had a stick in their mouths, looking innocent of course, and the "sticks" were just the last remains of the trunks of the little new trees! We never have gotten back to planting those trees again and we lost both dogs to old age last year!
    Hugs, Bambi
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    We have 4 chihuahah's. One female and 3 males. Before we got her fixed she had 2 litters. OMG!!!! Bitsy(female had six this last time) She is rather big for her breed, so I guess that's why she had so many. We lost one, the runt of the litter. He was so tiny and we did all we could to try and save it, but it did not make it. They are soooo cute especially when they get big enough to start playing and growling with each other.

  11. Bambi

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    babies and I'm not good at it either.

    Out of these two mama's we lost FIVE!
    The four year old had a litter of six with no problems at all two years ago, but this time had to deliver at the vet and had two really big puppies that just didn't make it. Then the tiniest one died a couple of days after getting them home. I tried everything too but if they aren't going to make it they just aren't. I cried like a baby for her and she's still hunting it almost two weeks later.

    Mom number two is two years old and the first one she had at home I just could not get to revive. The bag broke before I could get it out and it was really a large puppy too. Then she had three normally, followed by an Oxytocin shot at the vet to get the fourth and a CSection to get the last.

    The last one was too far gone for the vet to revive also and the one that came after the Oxytocin shot died a few days later. Again I tried every thing I knew to do but it just didn't make it. Again I cried like a
    baby, but this young mother seemed to somehow understand it.

    In fact I showed it to her and told her "all gone" like I do with many things and she licked it once and went back to her others. She watched my husband take it out the back door to bury it and didn't try to follow.

    This has taught me a huge lesson and I am NEVER going to let my dogs breed again. I used to breed toy poodles years ago and I guess I was just lucky because I never every lost one.
    But this time has been so wonderful and at the same time sooo sad.

    My husband is once again starting to make noises like he doesn't want to let these go to a new home when the time comes, but I really HAVE to this time. He kept all SIX last time, two years ago..and with the FM it's been hard on me to get them all trained and all it takes to take care of so many.

    I already had three females, two spayed and a male plus my mother's geriatric Chi who is 19 and going strong. So it's been a huge family to take care of and keep in vet care!

    I'm better now with my FM than I was even four years ago..it hasn't gotten better really but I finally got good
    pain control and with that and all the self help things I do I AM better able to function. Anyway, I CAN take care of the main ones but I just can't add five more to the bunch!

    I have a friend who wants one and I am going to have to run an ad in a few weeks and offer to email pictures, but I won't let them go until they are 12 weeks and as socialized and ready as possible.

    By then my husband will REALLY be attached, so I told him he'll just have to be out of the house when someone comes to adopt one. I share his feelings, you worry so about who will get them no matter how well you try to screen people, but this time it just has to be.

    Of course if I can't find what I think are the BEST of homes I won't let them go either! I'll figure out how to do somehow. But I think there are alot of decent people out there and if you're careful some will show up.

    All I know for sure is that everyone is getting spayed now and my days of
    even thinking of breeding are over. There are just too many dogs being
    abandoned and abused showing up in the shelters and rescue places for me!

    I always offer to take a dog back for the life of the dog but how many people will do that and how many will just resell a dog if they can't keep it any longer? I also offer to give back all money, but you still can't be sure they won't get passed to a "friend" who isn't like the person you thought you screened?

    SO..for me it's best just to keep what I can care for well and do my darnedest to find great homes for these babies and HOPE I've chosen well, but NOT ever do it again.

    The first litter is play fighting now and are ready to start having a meal of puppy food a day and I HAVE to stop putting it off for the mom's sake. I think it's just the admitting they are getting older and closer to the day they'll have to go. But I want them to be well rounded and ready for life away from us eventually so I KNOW I have to take all the steps. Darn it! LOL! WOW! sorry this is so long! Hugs, Bambi
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  13. Bambi

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    anything before, but I'll have to make myself a crown with "Puppy Master" on it. LOL! They are just so much fun it should be sinful. The middle sized baby is brown with white
    markings and his brother, a white, had been taking the Alpha lead to now. The smallest is black and white and a lover not a fighter! LOL! Well in the last two days the brown/white one has totally reversed the idea the white one had about being the "boss" even though the white one is the largest.

    The brown/white is now walking like a little bull dog, or I told my husband, a wrestler. He is merciless with his two brothers and thinks he is all that. I went in this evening and as I always do I spoke to them and said "Hi guys!". Well he looked up at me and barked and then squealed to make it sound even more emphatic! He's been spinning in circles and then sort of rolls himself over and lands on his back.

    Then he tries to bite the walls of the box they are still in but ready to come out of. When that isn't very effective he bites his bedding and THEN he goes looking for mom's ears to bite or one of his unsuspecting brothers! He is just FULL of himself all of a sudden.

    Tomorrow I'll make a "room" out of cardboard boxes cut up and taped together, one for potty paper and one to play in and just cut down the sides of the box they use for bedtime. Of course one corner of the "play room" will be where I put the food and water once they get to eating well. Mom is ready for that for sure, she dragged her food dish in the box last night, so I GOT the hint!

    Mom did a funny tonight too. The brown/white and white ones would NOT stop fighting and then going after her legs and ears etc.. She had to give the brown one a minor discipline at one point, but it didn't stop him for long. So I went back out about 5 minutes later and she was laying with the black and white one across her legs and the other two were neatly covered up with the blanket they have (entirely!)! I lifted it and they were sleeping away, but I KNOW she did it on purpose to calm them down. She's a real funny dog on her own and a GREAT mother.

    As for losing the five puppies in all it did take me totally back. I was afraid I might have over fed the mothers or done something but the vet said no. He said that Chi's just sometimes have puppies that get too
    big to allow the uterus to contract
    properly and I just had an unlucky streak all at once. The father is small and both moms are average size but were to all appearances and exray able to deliver puppies.

    The four year old had six normal births last time (two years ago), so it was just a sad and unfortunate thing this time!

    I hated to see so many not make it but at the same time am so grateful that this many did, and that we didn't lose our girls in the process.
    It isn't terribly unusual for Chi's to have birthing problems or to even lose a mother and I had read all about it. I just never even contemplated that "I" would have such a sad time of it or the girls!

    The vet said he'd had whole litters not survive and or the mothers. THAT was all I needed to hear to convince me that spaying was the best way for me to go from now on! You just never think it will happen to you until it

    Oh and they were (both litters) right on time, one was exactly 63 days and the other 60 days, so it wasn't that they carried too long. We will never know the why of it.

    The mothers were both (are both) great little mothers and they and I (AND the vets) did everything that could possibly be done to get all the puppies here alive and well, but this time it just didn't work out that way. They had the best natural food and care so it was just one of those sad things in life that befalls all of us in one way or another at some time. I don't even give them tap water to drink, only purified bottled so there was nothing that should have caused it.

    The mothers also didn't reject the two that were alive for a couple of days each, they both tried their best to take care of them. I bottle fed to supplement the one little tiny one, but just nothing worked. So I do feel
    pretty good about our efforts at least. I just wish it had turned out better for the mothers and the dear babies we lost. Hugs, Bambi
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    You sound soooooooo much bettter and sooooo cheerful!!! Sounds like you and mothers did all you could do. That's all you can do. That's what we did too. I am just sooo glad that your spirits have lifted.

    Bambi- I wasn't trying to blame you for losing the puppies. I hope you did not think I was. The experiences that I described about the mother rejecting the weakest babies and other things described, was what my b/f and I experienced with Bitsy and her two litters. He has had chi's all his life. He helped her deliver both litters and boy she knows it too, she sticks to him like glue now.

    You should have seen us trying to save the little squirrel in my profile pic. We raised her, and just turned her loose last week. We were really attached to her. We just felt like she needed to be free in the woods. We did our part to raise her and had her spoiled rotten. Anyway- off subject!!! Just thought I would share.

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  15. Bambi

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    that at all!!!! I was just explaining what happened. I DO feel better lately and thanks for noticing!

    I SAW your squirrel and story before and thought it was soooo cute! I think I may have told you then that I found a young squirrel in the parking lot at our grocery store one day when we came out to leave. It had been bumped by a car or something and was alive but barely. They say not to touch anything like that but I talked my husband into getting it with a plastic bag and hurried into the store with it.

    People were gathered around and found it funny that I was trying to give it CPR to revive it all the way. I took it back near the water fountain and even tried putting a few drops of water in it's mouth, but the poor little thing finally had one convulsion and just died. We brought it home and buried it in our side yard where a couple of feral kittens that died are buried.

    I am such a softie for any animal. And my poor husband has usually paid the price for it. Once when we lived in Northern Arizona I had a feral cat that I fed all the time. She would have her kittens in a far field and when they'd get old enough she'd bring them to our house to eat. I'd find a way to temporarily trap them and spray them with flea spray as they'd always be just polluted.

    Well one day I saw the poor mother cat on the highway by our home and she had been hit several times by cars rushing down the highway that probably never saw her. When my husband got home I had him go and get her off the highway and bury her in the field next to our house. Later that evening at the time she normally showed up with her latest family to eat, there she was with her kittens!!
    I had had him get the WRONG cat off the highway and go through the burial!

    He didn't mind it but I felt so goofy for putting him through that!! I was glad we'd buried "some" poor cat but it's been a story down though the years I've never forgotten about just
    HOW patient he's been with me and my
    animal compulsion!! LOL!

    I'm glad your squirrel had such a happy ending for sure! It was adorable! Hugs, Bambi

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