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    i have 3 newborn puppies. purebred toy poodles.
    i own both the mommy and the daddy.
    a week or so ago i was talking to this old somewhat of a friend about having these pups when this other woman stuck her nose in and ask about the color of the pups. i said well we got 2 black ones and one is white with a black tail, ears and a black spot in the middle of his back. this woman said to me"that one is not a poodle". i said well it certainly is, she said no it can't be, poodles only come in solid colors.
    she had me so upset. then she ask me how much my momma and daddy poodles weigh, i told her they are on the big side of toys the go right around 10 lbs. omg she about had a stroke. she said those are not toys. i said well they are both registered as toys and she informed that, that was impossible.
    i can't believe this woman, i don't even know who she is. i have replayed this conversation through my mind a hundred time since it happened.

    do any of you have any advice on dealing with these kind of people. i guess i don't like confrontatioal situtions,
    but at the same time i get so mad at my self.

    never met this woman before but she knows all about my dogs and their pedigree. is this possible.
    am i over reacting by being put out with a total stranger.

    now how am i going to sale these pups since 2 are toy poodles according to akc but they are too big to be toys and this other one which is not even a "poodle"??? lol

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    I do have a favorite saying. I have two ears for a reason - so stuff can go in one and out the other! lol.

    Don't take it to heart, doll. Everybody on earth has an opinion.

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    I don't know about poodles and that kind of stuff.

    But don't you have the papers and can trace their heritage line? Isn't that proof enough that they are pure?

    I wouldn't let her bother you. She was just a nosey busy body. Follow your head and heart.

  4. mollystwin

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    This post made me laugh because we just got a yorkie puppy in June. We picked the biggest of the litter because we wanted one around the maximum weight which is 7 lbs. Well, my pup is now 5 months old and weighs 10.5 lbs!!!!! And he looks like a snauzer!!!

    Now, we know that your poodles are pure bred because you have the mom and dad. But I kind of wonder what my puppy really is!!! It doesn't matter to me because I just love him to death and he is a cutie pie. His puppy pic is in my bio. He still looks like a yorkie then. Now his nose is really long and so is his body. He is almost all silver with a brown face. He is a reall doll, it's just that he doenst' look at all like a yorkie!!

    We call him a snorkie or giant yorkie!!!

    I agree with the other posters about the nosey woman. You just have to let it in one ear and out the other. It's hard though, when they are talking about your babies!

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    First of all, the lady was rude, wrong (about the bi-colored pup) and just nosy.

    Poodle pups come in many colors...and sizes. Toy breeds are usually listed with (example) Maltese being 'between 4-7 pounds preferred' which gives huge leeway (sp?) with the sizes.

    However, the AKC paperwork is virtually useless these days and pretty much a money maker for them since they do not inspect the pups, check the lines and even give papers to puppy mill dogs like those sold in pet stores around the country.

    Years ago after months of research, I purchased a Maltese (re-homed now) who was 'purebred' and AKC but born in a puppy mill situation by a lady who was once respected in the world of Maltese. Greed took over and at one point she was jailed after over 200 dogs were confiscated from her home.

    Since I haven't read the description of the AKC standards for Toy Poodles lately, I don't know the 'preferred' weight and height standards.....but if I'm not mistaken, the bi-colored pups are called 'parti'.....I'd have to check on that one.

    So just enjoy the pups.


    Nancy B
  6. PVLady

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    I know exactly how I would have reacted. I would listened to her, said "you may be right" however I believe they are poodles. Then stop the conversation and leave.

    I would not even let someone like this "engage" me in conversation. I recently had a real odd ball keep bothering me while I was visiting my mother in the nursing home.

    This gal is so nosy and apparently feels I don't visit my mom enough. While I was there, she comes over and stands and keeps asking stupid questions.

    I picked up my cell phone and pretended like I was talking to someone. Finally, I turned and told her to leave me alone.

    If you are really concerned about the puppies before selling them, call another breeder and ask their opinion.
  7. Greenbean7

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    Your spotted pup is what is called "parti colored" and is recognized as an acceptable color for poodles, but not for show animals. I always thought parti colored sounded kind of cool! So that one is special.

    Toy poodles (also for show purposes only) are not judged on weight but on height. Ten inches is the max for the toy poodle, again, for show purposes only.

    I grew up with a standard poodle, Cleo, and the standard will always be one of my favorite dogs. (But I wouldn't make them wear that horrible hair cut!)

    Guess that woman was a parti (colored) pooper!



    Stop and smell the puppies (I'm so jealous you have that wonderful puppy breath to smell!!)!
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