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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ayhatch, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. ayhatch

    ayhatch New Member

    Well I did it... I finally got the dog I've been wanting for a few months now. I've had doctors and therapists and some of you recommend a dog for theraputic reasons. I knew it would work when I dogsat for a friend's pup for two weeks. I was virtually pain free and feeling really happy and more productive. When he left my pain returned and so did my depression.
    So, now I've got my own pup. It is a little tedious right now because she needs to be potty trained and that means you know what to clean up around the house, the car and having to get up 1 -2x at night so she can "go".
    BUT, she is so cute, so sweet and such a pleasure. She's teenie so she perfectly sits on my lap or across my chest when I lay on the couch or in bed.
    I'm going to be able to register her as a service dog, too. That way I can bring her with me wherever I go.

  2. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I love puppies. Glad you got her :) I have my old kitty cat and she is a gem.
  3. ayhatch

    ayhatch New Member

    the potty training and missing me when I'm out of the room is like having a newborn again. But soooo rewarding.
    She's a cockapoo with cream colored hair and light apricot ears. She's about 3 lbs now and 3 months, but will be 10 -12 lbs when grown. We named her Daisy. I wish I could post a picture to share. Maybe I can post it to Kodak share or something.
  4. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    yes i also got a puppy back in aug , shes 10 months now. it only took her about 2-3 weeks no lie , she pottied about 11-15 times on the carpet, we cleaned it right then, then when she started going only on her pads we of course shampooed and shes fully potty trained ,she goes by herself,& on camand. we use potty pads, one down in the kitchen and the other upstairs in my room. i crate her when i leave. and also at night for the first few months ,till i was sure shed go only on her pads. there (the pads are great ,one she so small and doesnt want to or ever has peepeed outside. plus its nice cause the cold just kills me!! she sleeps every night under my covers. you khow i never liked dogs, i was only a cat person but i dont think i could live w/out her. take a look at my bio her and my 14 yr cat are posted . dont get me wrong shes a full time job but she makes life alot better. shes a chipin-part chihuahua/minpin-shes 12 lbs. I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO BE MUCH SMALLER BUT SHES JUST FINE,SO SHE DOESNT GET HURT AS EASY. i say go for it, get a puppy!!!!! GOD BLESS - blKkat
  5. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I just got a puppy on Wedensday, she is 6 weeks old and a little sweetheart. They are alot of work, lots of accidents right now, although she does sometimes get the peepad or go outside. Its raining today so that makes it harder. She will be a big girl though, she is a boxer. We have a fenced in backyard and when she grows up it will be my husbands job to walk her, I can't imagine doing that myself! She'll be big enough to jerk my arms out of their sockets! I think it is good therapy to think about something else besides myself.

    God Bless
  6. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    You are right, you dont dwell on the pain as much when you have something to keep your mind occupied. I hope you have a wonderful relationship for a long time.

  7. sueliza

    sueliza New Member

    Cockapoo's are the cutest! We have a 5 month old goldendoodle so she looks similiar, but bigger!

    It is exactly like having a baby - each stage just goes faster.

    We have used a crate and it has been wonderful. I am at home so she is only in it a couple hours during the day, and then she stays in it all night.

    The only thing I would have done differently is to use baby gates to confine her to an area of the house. Sometimes I am so exhausted and she is constantly getting into stuff, but I don't want to put her in her crate.

    Also, the kids sometimes need a break from her when she is wild!

    Enjoy her, they are great companions!!
  8. pika

    pika New Member

    Congrats on all your puppies! and count me in. i got my maltese pup in august and he is ten months old now, too! pads and crate...he is SUCH a sweetie and brings me lots of smiles, even when i don't feel so well.
  9. Goldenlight

    Goldenlight New Member

    Have any of you had luck with rescue/shelter puppies or dogs? They are less expensive than going to a breeder or to a pet store but I wonder about, especially with dogs, if there would be behavioral problems that would be hard to deal with -- especially not feeling well enough or having the energy to deal with. I live alone. A dog -- out of the puppy stage -- that would be a good companion sounds heavenly. I've thought of it for a long time.

    Also -- I don't know how to train a dog for crates, pads, etc. Is it hard?

    I used to have a cockapoo that was dumped off on a country road. That was years and years ago. She was my favorite dog. We lived on a farm then and I wasn't sick so it didn't seem hard dealing with a puppy then.

    Thanks, everyone!


  10. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi you asked if its hard to (train) a puppy. well i never had before. i wasnt going to get a puppy for that reason! but i saw her sweet eyes looking at me and you know the rest. it just worked. i got a few books ,bought 2 med size crates, for 1 upstairs/1 downstairs not cheap 50.00 each, im sure one can get them cheaper but we were there and in the moment ya know. anyways, we got a furry $ bed pad (dont need) cause all she wants to do is chew an scratch it up. i use 4-lg towels then there easy to wash. and a lg blanket to cover over the top of crate so she can calm down easier. i put pads down 1 in kitchen, 1 my room. i just would take her and put her on the pad every 15-20mins and say ( GO PEE ) ,all day and all night, well nite was about 3-4 times, id get up wake her and have her go then put her back in her crate, yes i was so tired but it worked ,till she started sleeping through the nite. also id praise her when she peed. if she did it somewhere else i wouldnt yell id pick her up and put her on her pad and say good pee. or good poop. never scold! no lie after a few days she started going to her pad by herself and every 20mins id say go pee and she would go over and go. yes and the next hr shed pee on the floor. but after a few weeks she had it down. but i was home all day w/her. now she sleeps w/me ,under the covers. i use 2 baby gates 1 so she doesnt go out of my room while im asleep, and 2 so she doesnt get into the cat box down in the dwn stairs bathrm. but just like today the kids were fighting and she got upset and she peed on my bedroom floor, so you just clean it up real fast. also look up about what kind of dogs are hyper for life ect. good luck. if i can do it , you can!!!! GOD BLESS --BLKKAT
  11. footballmom

    footballmom New Member

    on the new puppy. My "baby is a year and a half old. She's an approcot tea cup poodle. So adorable. It's a big change from the dogs we used to have.....rottweilers....but a lot easier to hold on my lap.

    She knows when I'm not feeling well and cuddles with me on the bed or sofa. She also seems to know where my pain is because she tends to want to lick my arm when my arm hurts or my hands when they hurt. She doesn't do this to anyone else in the family. She's also a nutural heating pad. She tends to cuddle wher I need to heat the most.
  12. Goldenlight

    Goldenlight New Member

    Thank you, Blkkat, for all the info. Lots of helpful how-tos. I'm wishing for just the right dog or puppy to come into my life. I am hoping the many benefits will outweigh the inconveniences. :)

    Take care of you and have a great weekend.

  13. roseants

    roseants New Member

    We have four resuce dogs, and all of them are wonderful and make life worth living! Our oldest, and least amount of work is our retired racing greyhound, Zip. Greyhounds aren't much more work than a cat. Fedd them love them and let them out to go. They are the worlds fastest couch potato! Some people think they need a lot of room, but they are happy to sleep on the sofa, and get petted all day. All you really need is a fenced yard or even a slow walk on a lead. Try one, you won't be disappointed! Zip os my BABY!!!
  14. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    group nearby? The one I know of is always trying to find homes for dogs that didn't quite work out. They are experts at finding the best rescue dogs, but then some just don't make it in the program. If you could get one that was too submissive, for example, it would work well. Even one that was aggressive with other dogs might work if you don't plan to take it out of the yard to socialize.

    I can't recommend buying from pet stores around here. There are too many puppy mills still using them to sell animals that have been severely neglected for their first few weeks. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't get a puppy at all. I'd find the right rescue dog whose personality was already developed.

    My lovable golden retriever has no empathy at all. He wants his ball thrown whether I feel crummy or not. Sometimes that good for me, but he's really needy and demanding and sometimes I feel like my wife gets too much of the burden. At least he's always happy, and it is contagious.
  15. Goldenlight

    Goldenlight New Member

    Thank you everyone! I'm going to check into your suggestions. Its great hearing what has worked for other people who are dealing with health challenges.

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thank-you for posting this.I have had the idea to get another dog for ages.I hadn't shared my daydream with any family members but secretly debated over and over whether or not I could care for one.My Cocker has been gone 8yrs. and I have a 13yr. cat and my son's 2yr.old.I care for my 91 yr. FIL so I have alot already.I saw a beautiful Shihzisu puppy on a local website and even named her Lily.I showed my DH and was shocked he said to get it if I wanted.I told him I just couldn't be sure yet.After reading all these posts today I just knew it would be do able.We went and I fell love in love so we pick her up next week when she'll be 8wks.
  17. jmq

    jmq New Member

    That is so wonderful...My puppy is soooo theraputic. You can see her ( Princess ) on my profile. How can you get too sad when you have that face to look at :)

  18. ayhatch

    ayhatch New Member

    about everyone's positive feedback here. I'm really glad I started this post...evryone seems to have great info and stories to share. I had a life-long friend just visit tonight, who hasn't seen me in a few months. He said that he hasn't seen me this happy in a very long time and could see that "Daisy" was making a difference. Well, there's my proof. I wonder if I should cut back on meds next? Maybe not. Maybe she's just the extra added med I needed to make it all work together.

    Thanks everyone!
  19. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    we need posts like this one more (ofton-offton ???? is this spelled right?) dont you hate that! but anyway thanks ayhatch and everyone else this one is a keeper! GOD BLESS TO ALL MY NICE NEW FRIENDS!--BLKKAT
  20. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi ayhatch,
    congratulations on the new baby!!

    they ARE the greatest therapy, nothing but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and although their needs have to be met, it gives you (at least for me) just the motivation, no matter how lousy you feel, end even if you have to crawl to meet those needs.

    This will sound CRAZY to most of you, but i actually used diapers to potty train mine (cut little hole for the tail) and if she made it out, took them off in time, but if not, she realized it RIGHT AWAY and i had less mess to deal with.

    another tip--i taught both of my dogs to stand at the door (i have ceramic in my entrance-just 2 feet of it but enough) and get their feet wiped as soon as they come in, it saves on cleaning so much, and avoids alot of "doggy odor" in the house.

    when puppies, they were held inside the doorway and we did "1-2-3-4" with the towel on their feet, rain or shine, consistently EVERY TIME they came in, then a doggy treat, and they learned quickly to stop right inside the door as soon as they got in to get clean. "this really comes in handy in the spring when their is MUD everywhere!)

    hope i am not to far off topic, just wanted to congratulate you!
    Enjoy her--L

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