Purchased Book on Forgiveness...I Need Help/ Anger Eating Me Up

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    It is interesting how God directs His children.

    I have been very hurt and very betrayed by so many people who were my life long friends in the last few years. I won't go into the details, but this anger and bitterness has literally paralyzed me.

    They are going along their merry way while I am consumed with anger and thoughts of revenge and verbal confrontations.

    A program on TV this AM...Joyce Meyer...was dealing with this very topic and there was an offer for her book and another by a man who had dealt with the very things I struggle....so I ordered them.

    I am eager to receive these materials. I would be happy to share as I go along, but I feel that God is placing tools in my hands...being consumed with anger has hurt me...not the ones with whom I'm angry. I'm tired of being so angry and so cynical.

    I am good at planning passive/aggressive attacks...so good. So practiced. So tired of living this way.

    So, please pray for me if you have a chance. This intense anger has been growing, but in the last two years has taken over like a cancer...and there is no joy.

    Thank you for listening, and even if no one responds, it has been a good way for me to admit what is going on and what my part is....hopefully, this is the first step to getting better.

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    I can't tell you how much your responses touch me. I thank you for sharing your hurts and your successes in overcoming these things. I pray God will bless your lives as you strive to let go and grow. Wow...such heartache is in our world.

    I had a very positive lunch with an old friend who truly is an old friend...a person whom I have shared her tough times and she mine. What a wonderful reminder that God does give us special people. She is having some hard things now...aren't we all?...yet, we were able to say that for an hour we would just forget and have fun.

    Such a blessing from God.

    And, then, I came home and found your notes. Thank you again. I feel better able to go through the afternoon now with your encouragement.

    Blessing to each.

    Thank you again.

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    I just have learned about Joyce Myers. I have been doing a bible study on Believe In God...The DVD on this bible study was great as well.

    There is another one of her bible study people rave about as well...I think I posted it on...my post on who are your favorite authors and speakers?

    Anywhooo, check it out and you are head down the right path my friend!

    New Born Again in Christ,
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    Newly Born Again.

    I'll check your post...I think I wrote on that post, also.

    Isn't it neat how we have the ability to access so much info now? God uses it to great advantage.

    Thanks for the note.

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    I just wanted to say. I was in a situation about 20 years ago . I was angry and all the junk that went with it. I had forgiven those involved. Long story short one night about 3 years ok we were talking and somehow this suject came up. Long story short someone said did you ask the Lord to take the pain away. You could have blown me over with a feather. We prayed and I asked the Lord to take away the pain and there was an instant freedom. So on your journey ask the Lord to do that. Remember forgiveness is a process and a journey. Also just because you forgive whoever for whatever doesn't mean that you have to trust them or have relationship with them. Blessings. Sorry I forgot you asked for prayer. Father thank for giving Sue the courage to reach out today. Please help her as she works through this forgiveness problem. Please help her to be honest with herself and with You. Please bring healing, forgivenes and restoration in this area. Please send people that You trust to help her on this journey. Thank you in Jesus name Amen. Joyce Meyer is execellent. Enjoy and don't be afraid to cry. There is healing in that.
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    Such a simple idea...ask for the release from pain. I will do that.

    Yes, I do know that forgiveness does not mean warm fuzzy feelings or a great relationship with these people...I don't even want it. I just want release from the anger I have because betrayal. Simple...

    I thank God for putting you in this healing process. You have a very clear way of stating truths...it will help me.

    God bless you and again, thank you for your words.