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    Have any of you tried to purchase disability insurance ?? I do have a policy through my work place that is really short term ( two years ) I tried to purchase other insurance and of course was truthful about having FM and I was turned down. I am getting divorced and the only thing he left me with was a child ( now 13 ) and a 15,000 credit card bill ( yes I have an attorney ) I'm really feeling defeated and not sure how I'll make it through another year as we approach 2007. Please tell me how do you do it ?? I am better off than most as I have a good paying job and can support my daughter and myself but of course it is also a very demanding and stressful job. I need encouragement this is a cold , cruel world we live in and no one else understands the life of a Fibromyaglia sufferer. Thanks Susabar
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    Dear Susabar,
    I saw your post and though I would have something to contribute, because I had private disability insurance, and it really helped me, I got $400.00 every month until I was 65. However, I bought it when I was healthy. So, I guess that doesn't really help you.

    I'm not a financial planner, but you mght talk to one. If you have any money, you could shop around for CD's that are at a high return, and keep moving your money around as each one comes to term. That way you could get some money every month. Around here some are at over 5%.

    I'm sure there are some people here who can help you. Keep bumping your post.

    Good luck, and a big hug,
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