Pure IGF - Replacement Growth Hormone Stimulator

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    I feel excited by the sound of this product - Rose and Sofy have both had positive results in a very short space of time.

    It`s a fact that CFS/FMers are lacking in Growth Hormone(amongst many other things)
    So thought this bit of info may be useful to others should this sound like something you need to try.

    Love Pat.

    Pure IGF is a natural extract of deer velvet antler imported from New Zealand and costs around $30 - $40


    What is Velvet Antler?
    What does Pure IGF do in my body?
    What are the benefits of IGF?
    How do I take IGF?
    Safety of IGF
    As we age, our Human Growth Hormone production decreases, and thus, so does our production of vitality promoting Growth Factors. These Growth Factors play vital roles in:
    Immune Support
    Bone Density
    Joint/Connective Tissue
    Fat Loss
    Muscle Growth/Support
    Libido/Sexual Function
    Stress Reduction

    What does Pure IGF do in my body?
    Reduced levels of growth factory; including IGF-1, have been linked to the effects of aging due to the decreased activity of the pituitary gland. the pituitary gland produces human growth hormone that stimulates the eventual production of growth factors. With reduced production of growth hormone, the levels of IGF-1 and other growth factors decline with age. Pure IGF directly supplements the growth factors that are the key to age related symptoms. (Note: the actions of growth factors are the RESTORATION OF NORMAL BODY PROCESSES AND STRENGTHENING OF THE BODY possibly leading to mental and physical performance increases and enhancement of the immune system.) Direct supplementation of these growth factors bypasses the need for human growth hormone supplementation.

    Pure IGF is a high potency extract of these naturally occurring Growth Factors. Recent research has shown that Human Growth Factor levels can safely be restored using the dietary supplement Pure IGF. In the past, these Growth Factors were only available in small amounts from inconsistent sources. Now, thanks to a revolutionary discovery, these Growth Factors are available in a pure form.
    Approximately 30 drops should be placed under the tongue, and allowed to absorb gradually without swallowing. This allows the product to be absorbed into the bloodstream directly.

    You can safely increase the dosage for the first few days, and then cut back to the recommended dosage when you begin to feel the effects.

    What is Velvet Antler?
    Velvet antler can be defined as the antlers of male deer during the phase of rapid growth. Referred to as velvet antler because of the velvet-like covering. It is important to note that the velvet antler is the entire antler and not just the covering. Velvet antler is living tissue which grows at a very fast rate of up to 2 cm/day in some species. It is also the ONLY mammalian organ that regenerates. The factors that are actually responsible for the rapid regeneration of the velvet antler can explain the powerful health benefits of the product. Farming of deer in New Zealand facilitates painless removal of the velvet at the optimum time to ensure maximum heath benefits from the product. Veterinarians or specially certified farmers may only remove velvet antler under a rigorous mandatory system that is endorsed by New Zealand National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

    What are the benefits of supplementing with Pure IGF?
    The Growth Factors found in Pure IGF play vital roles in Aging, Immune Support, Bone Density, Joint/Connective Tissur, Hair/Skin/Nails, Endurance, Fat Loss, Repair, Muscle Growth/Support, Libido/Sexual Function, Stress Reduction and Energy.

    How to take Pure IGF?
    Pure IGF is taken sublingually (meaning under the tongue) approximately 30 drops (2/3 dropper full) should be released below the tongue. The dosage may be increased for the first few days until the effects are felt. Pure IGF is absorbed into the vascular system via absorption under the tongue and through the interior lining of the cheeks. The active ingredients are digested and broken down by the digestive acids in the stomach.


    Allow Pure IGF to settle under your tongue and gently rock your head side to side to maximize the surface area Pure IGF comes into contact with. Pure IGF needs to be kept in your mouth for as long as possible (at least one minute). Because only minimal absorption occurs in the upper trachea and no absorption occurs in the stomach, please maximize the time Pure IGF is kept in the mouth to ensure best results.

    Contraindications/Who should take Pure IGF?
    There have been no known contradictions of velvet antler throughout its 2000-year history. The same can be said for Pure IGF considering it is a pure derivative of velvet antler. Pure IGF can be taken by anyone attempting to supplement his or her level of growth factors. Based on the burn out of the pituitary gland that parallels from the late twenties and on. The body's production of growth hormone diminishes with age. Benefits are most noticed when the levels of growth factors are below normal. Active individuals of any age also would benefit because of the natural regenerating properties of growth factors. People that are at risk for hyperthyroid disease should consult their doctor before taking any product supplementing HGF or growth factors.

    Free of wheat, gluten, soy, corn, yeast, fish, egg, dairy, and lactose. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

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    I ordered it online Monday and it's here today. Planning on starting it today.

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    I am very interested in this one and would like to know how you all are doing on it before I get some.