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    After reading that someones oncologist recommended this product and since I have low growth hormone and igf 1 I ordered some and after about 10 days have had more good days than in a long time. Today I went outside and worked all day. Did pace myself and made myself take frequent sitting breaks where I parcticed short meditative breating but I virtually went from 6am and it is now 9pm and I actually just read one of the long articles Klutzo recom. I have not been able to read more than very short things for at least 2 years. No comprenhension. I will keep you posted but so far this is the first supplement in the MANY Ive tried except for magnesium that made an immediate noticable difference. Now comes the real test cuz usually after I find the on switch I can find the off and lay awake all night but somehow I dont think thats going to happen tonight.
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    Thanks for this post Sofy.

    This stuff sounded a wonderful product when Rose asked about it a while back - seemed to be working miracles before she was kicked off the board. Shame we`ll never know of her progress.

    I`m so pleased it`s working for you, it`s a fantastic feeling to have energy again and be able to see the day through...

    Pure IGF is a growth hormone which is something lacking in many suffering with CFS/FM - I think this will be getting a lot more attention now you are having success.

    Please keep us in touch of your progress & good luck

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    Read your post about Rose. I heard thru a friend that she is in remission and is going home from the hospital tomorrow. She is supposedly doing great.

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    I thought that I had read somewhere that growth hormone could actually cause cancer, or increase the growth of cancer if you already had it. My daughter had AML, same kind of leukemia as Rose, and she was in the hospital for nine months taking treatment.

    I was tested for low growth hormone, and tested very low. One of the reasons I chose not to take part in a study was the chance of developing cancer. Maybe Madwolf or someone else who is in the medical profession can comment on this??

  5. sofy

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    Pure igf is not the human growth hormone you are talking about. That has to be gotten with a scrip from the dr and is extremely expensive. This is from New Zeland deer. Its what is called velvet antler. I like the fact that it comes from New Zeland because it is an island with careful monitoring. Many companies sell velvet antler but you have no idea where the deer come from and that bothers me. The fact that an oncologist recommended this is also reassuring. The fact I can do some daily things is great. I slept pretty good last night and feel ok this morning but it is too early to tell if I will rev up. Going to take it on the very light side for activity. Dont want to stress the body too much too soon
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    Where do you get this from??? I'd love to try it, provided it is nowhere near as expensive as actual growth hormone. Are ther any interactions or side-effects?
    (No need to answer this as I just did a websearch and found the Velvita website easily. It is not too expensive and appears to have zero side-effects, but I will ask my holistic doc first before taking it. Thanks for the info.)

    BTW, growth hormone will only increase the rate of growth of EXISTING tumors. It will not cause new ones. Also, it will only increase the rate of growth if you take enough to go above normal levels, which is not what will happen if you are being properly supervised. At any rate,unlike human growth hormone, IGF-1 is easy to monitor with a simple blood test.

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    Just supplementing Hgh with injections or stimulants don't guarantee adequate Igf in the body as the body must manufacture its own from the Hgh.

    Love, Mikie

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    So if you don't respond to the growth hormone injections, does that mean you may have something blocking it or have developed antibodies against it? If so, what blood tests would you run?

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