(pure) Vitamin C without ascorbic acid

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maja_sp, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. maja_sp

    maja_sp New Member

    Hi there!
    Does anybody knows where I can get (pure) Vitamin C without ascorbic acid? I am supposed to do a (heavy) 3 days treatment, taking 200 g (What is a lot!!) per day. It definitely has to be ascorbic acid FREE!
    Have a wonderful day!
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    ascorbid acid and vitamin C were the same thing.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    Bronson pharmaceticals as I have ordered it through them .
    You might also try Puritan or Vitamin Shoppe . They all have websites . It is not a hard thing to find !
  4. Paracelsus

    Paracelsus New Member

    Perhaps you were advised to take a buffered form of Vita. C, generally that would be an ascorbate of some form (ascorbic acid joined with a mineral like calcium and zinc).

    Ascorbates are close to neutral pH so they are kinder to sensitive stomachs.

    Large oral doses of ascorbic acid can irritate gut in some people, causing gas and flatulence. Harmless otherwise.
  5. patches25

    patches25 New Member

    Did you really mean 200 grams or maybe milligrams? Shoot I get bathroom runs from 8 grams of Vit C. I have tried different types since they can certainly irritate stomach too. Anyway make sure you have the dosage right about what to take. Good luck. E.
  6. Paracelsus

    Paracelsus New Member

    The literature on therapeutic use of C generally recommends dosing up on oral C until patient reaches bowel tolerance threshold.

    In plain words, bowel tolerance is the point where you get the runs, or watery stools.

    Until you reach bowel tolerance your body is using all the C you are giving it to fight an infection, oxidative stress, etc.

    200 grams/day is a lot. I've heard of that high dosage used in treating acute mono, but usually it is given wholly or partly by IV drip directly into bloodstream.

    If your bowels can tolerate 200 grams orally you are one very sick puppy indeed!
  7. cookstove

    cookstove New Member

    My orthopedic surgeon and my naturapath have both given me the same advice that paracelsus offered. Take it until you have a loose stool and then back off one tablet.

    I am urged by both of them to take maximum doses of vitamin c, some zinc and eat lots of protein as well as take a protein supplement.

    This is for healing of wounds according to the orthopedic surgeon and the naturapath says healing of wounds and all the bodies systems.

    Also forgot, spread the vitamen c out throughout the day, not all at once.
  8. maja_sp

    maja_sp New Member

    Hello everybody who answered!
    First of all: thanks a lot for your comments! I really appreciate it!
    Those are all good advice and I have to look where I can find that vit. C. It is not so easy - I find - so I really might ask a doc to inject it, or maybe let my doc write a prescription?

    Some reactions are really funny when I say I have to take that much. I was given the information by the doc who advice taking that much that I might get the runs.

    By the way, I was adviced by a German doctor. Finally I found a connection to him - by phone - and he is doing his consultation - so far - for free. He is such a good guy and I got to know him - guess what people - throuhg another forum, a German one. He is an absolute "normal" family doctor and does a lot of his treatment because he is a real good heart doctor. Well, read one of my first threats. I talked about him there.

    I believe him and he is a pro regarding EBV. He is the one telling me about "thymus extract" and "Utilin S".

    But first I shall start with that Vit. C. therapy, then Vit. B 2 400g ( I guess one day, I have to check for that amount again, but as I remember it is a high dosis too) and then I shall take Coenzym Q 10. I took that already some weeks ago for sometime. I will take it again, in a higher dosis.

    I will let you know, if I found the Vit. C. and the other stuff and as well I let you know, if I got stuck to the bathroom for three days :) Yuck, hopefully not!

    Thanks for sharing your information with me. If you know more, don't hold back!
    Happy Saturday and Sunday,
  9. maja_sp

    maja_sp New Member

    ....after I take Vit. C. for three days (200g each day), I am supposed to take 15 g daily for 4 weeks.
  10. Paracelsus

    Paracelsus New Member

    If you are taking a high dose regimen of C you need to gradually taper off as you get well and thus require less C to recover.

    If you stop high C supplementation suddenly, or cut back dosage drastically all at once you risk what is called "rebound scurvy".

    Scurvy is a bodily deficiency of C. Symptoms include loose gums and poor wound healing.

    So drop your C dosage gradually and safely. And as noted in another post, you should always spread out your daily total into evenly spaced doses through the day.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

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