puritan pride?

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    anyone try this brand or know if it is good? thanks in advance.

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    Perhaps it's true they are not quite as good as others, and in my personal experience I've found that the ones in tablet form are harder to absorb/digest. The liquids and capsules are fine.

    I have had my Puritan's Pride supplements tested on a Phazx Body Scan machine, which, in a nut shell measures the energy level/strength of whatever is put upon it. They all got a real strong reading and when tested with my own body they were almost all very compatible and positive. Of course, everyone is different but we all have CFS here so there's probably similarities.

    We have been using them for years and have been happy with them. You can get really good deals on stuff there, and they are very prompt in arriving; as well as very courteous on the phone. We have had to do returns and they are always really cool about it. That is one thing I like, the staff has been consistently helpful and nice through the years.

    I'm not saying Swanson is no good, because I really don't know. I wouldn't mind trying them too. But in our family our experiences with P. Pride has always been positive. I have no problem at all recommmending them, especially for some things rather than others. Look for capsules, liquids, and powders (the soy protein powder is EXCELLLENT and much cheaper that the health food store,) and unless you absorb really well maybe try to avoid the tablets, and you should be fine.

    Let us know how it works out for you if you get some. Sometimes you can try out a sampling of different supplements for like 89 cents each just as an introduction. Really good deal!