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    Hey Friends!
    Well, after my SSD and LTD denials and my husband's illness and depression, I find that I have no choice but to ignore my disabling Spinal stenosis and other diagnoses, take my Oxycontin and large doses of steroids and return to my nursing job.
    In fact, I am scheduled to work 11-7 shift Wednesday night and 7-3 shift Saturday, so there's no turning back for me now. I called the lawyer I was going to retain for my SSD purposes and he encouraged me to appeal, but said that I couldn't be working at my job while doing so, which I already knew. I am humiliated to have been denied when my doctors and all around me knew how hard it was for me to even apply for disability. I expected to be denied by SSD, but I hadn't a clue my LTD would deny me! I don't get it.
    I have FMS/CFIDS, chronic angioedema and urticaria from an autoimmune source, joint pain,hypertension, depression/anxiety disorder.......all in addition to the severe spinal stenosis, joint arthropathy with nerve impingement and I was denied after receiving STD for several months. I only got $700.00 for a few months from STD and I would've gotten even LESS from LTD. All I could've gotten from SSD was $888.00 a month! I don't believe they would've missed these dollars and they would've meant the world to me.
    Anyway, I am psyching myself up for returning to work and all the noise and over-stimulation, gossip and mental anguish that goes along with it. I do love nursing, but I had finally accepted the fact that I was probably never going back and then the denials came. My brain is so tired of the flip-flopping about.
    Please pray that I can do this....
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    Good thoughts your way Kady.
    Finding time to take even mini-breaks will be a challenge. Be kind and forgiving to yourself as you make your way gently and slowly. We each do our best and that is all we can do.
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    I did and am sorry. I kept trying to go back and just litterally fell to the floor. Not just once. I was turned down it took 6yr. because I gave up at 1 time. Most everyone gets a couple rejections, they want you to go away. I am not sure about your attorney. As far as I know if you do not work over 3mo. it is concidered interrupted work. Meaning you tried but could not continue working. I did this because I live alone and had bills and taxes etc. I thought it would hurt me but I gather it helped.

    It proved I tried but could not work.

    I would check into this. Most disability attorney`s do not like to work too hard. Only like slam dunk cases. You certainly have enough wrong. My judge when I was going to add on the illnesses my attorney misssed,said, is this not enough wrong with 1 person. He did not even need the rest.

    Do not give up I am afraid you will only make yourself worse. Good Luck
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    Kady, being denied by the insurance company isn't surprising either. It's their (and SS's) "job" to save money by denying people. Sure, $880 isn't much to them, but if they deny 100 people that $880, it adds up. One of SS's big factors seems to be age--they sure didn't want to approve me since I was 37 when I applied. In their mind, that means they'd have to pay me for 30 years!

    Just watched a show: the US pays over $250 BILLION each year on the military (including research and development). That's more than they spend on education, medical, and Health & Human Services combined!!! (I assume the figures are right, since it was a show on the Discovery Channel. But I guess they could be wrong.)

    Anyway, if your disability insurance is an employer-provided benefit, it falls under the ERISA Act of 1970-something. (ERISA is short for Employee Retirement Income Security Act.) In order to "protect" non-disabled employees' pensions, they need to deny disability claims whenever possible. Granted, since I don't know that pensions are offered many places anymore, it may be antiquated. But it works for them so they have no incentive to see the law removed. (Approving an STD claim makes sense, since they're only paying out for a limited time.)

    I think the only way private disability pays promptly is if *you* pay for your own insurance. Because if they deny unfairly, they can be liable for damages, suffering, etc. For an employer-provided benefit, ERISA protects insurance companies from that.

    Did you appeal the insurance company's denial? I did, they go through a QA Review process, which of course upheld the denial. Then we appealed that decision. We were still in the process when, lo and behold, they approved it. (Maybe being investigated by the U.S. Dept of Labor had something to do with it.)

    Anyway, who is the insurance company? If it's the same as mine, I'll give you that lawyers name. (They don't like him--filed harassment charges against him. :) You can email me if you want, my address is in my profile.
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    Yes, my LTD is a "benefit" my employer pays for. I paid for the STD premiums (through the same company) and I suppose I'll continue to do so. The company's name is Jefferson-Pilot. I have not appealed because I haven't received the notice of denial in the mail yet; I got a phone call after I bugged them to death, telling me of their decision. Anyway, it is a moot point now as I am scheduled to return to work tomorrow, whether I'm able to or not! I'll give the job a good try, but I fear it's going to kill me in the long run. I just despise the bureacracy and the bull(%&*^. Hate it.
    Thanks for all the info. It may well come in handy in the future.
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    Well, hate to say it but I hope at least some of your symptoms are caused/exacerbated by depression or something. But ONLY because then maybe you can do the job without it killing you...

    Sorry, don't think my lawyer can help you.
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    Dear Kady, I'm so sorry you have been pushed to this point and feel you must return to work. I know how much you have missed nursing but it has taken it's toll on your body! Please be careful and stop & ask for help with all the physical work of lifting (be it bodies or equipment!) Prayers are going up!! You are one strong lady! I'm sure your patients will appreciate seeing you. Are you back at the same place of employment? It will be good to be around others and be absorbed in a job. Best wishes Kady!
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    I know how it feels to have to work when you are to sick to. I had to come back to pay my bills and if I wanted to eat. Just be very careful. And don't push yourself to much it cause the worse flare up I ever had. Then it was more time off work.

    Good Luck
    Take care,
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    Thank you so much for the support. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel here. I dread starting, but I'm thankful it'll be nightshift since there are few people, a relaxed atmosphere, less noise, less walking, less thinking and less pressure all around. HOWEVER, I have to work Saturday on dayshift and I dread all the visitors and the hall I'll be working on. The worse case scenario is working weekdays on 7-3 shift. The doctor's rounds, the administration and staff and all the orders, faxes and first of the week "catch-up" work. THAT I'm avoiding, if at all possible. I am overly-stimulated now and I don't need the stress right now. To be able to return to work, I MUST make a change in the way I perform my duties. I must. I cannot be the overachiever I've always been. I hurt my back today by just doing that slight bend that always kills me, so it was to the medicine cabinet for Soma and Mobic~~now I'm loopy. However, I slept a couple of hours last night due to brain overactivity, so maybe I can nap. Napping isn't something I do well; today may be the option.
    I'm afraid, but I've prayed to God for serenity and peace and endurance. Please, pretty-please pray for us.