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    Just a piece of info from a CFS patient who has had a lot of cell death & destruction, who'd prior to being diagnosed & taking my Essential supplements for making my own ATP had always pushed myself to try to exercise myself into having more energy; Unless you're making the ATP that you use up, pushing oneself to keep going will just kill off your cells!

    How do I know that! I always tried and gave what I felt was 115% effort to keep on going, to exercise myself into obtaining more energy; but by the time I was diagnosed & began taking my regime of Essential Vitamins, Minerals, & d-Ribose powder throughout the day & nighttime, I'd already sustained so much cell death & destruction [checked by their checking your Free-cell DNA] that the levels were so high that they said I'd had about as much cell death & destruction in 2009 as someone has had who has been on chemotherapy for cancer!

    I'm also starting to believe that ones, Sed rate is also an indicator of the severity of individual's with CFS's cell death & destruction severity! Mine is 160 as of now, normal for a female is 0-20. Sed rate's are also indicators of having either an inflammation or infection, but they've been unable to find any in all their testing done over the last 4-5 years... It's also an indicator of an abnormal condition, & I say - What do you call CFS [or what it's real name is; see my posts for the article]?

    So don't push yourselves, when you feel tired your body NEEDS to be given time to build new ATP; & you have to take orally the things that it needs to make them, as often as your body is using up the supply that the amount that you're taking has made!!!

    I'm finding that the more d-Ribose I take, the more ATP energy; I have, available for use! I have also found that taking the dose of Magnesium powder I take per day & dividing that by the number of times that I take the d-Ribose in a 24 hour period; is the amount to take with the d-Ribose each time I take it for doing it in such a manner, seems to me to be working at helping my d-Ribose to release as ATP much better! Plus I, then, take 2 times as much calcium as the amount of Magnesium powder each time with my d-Ribose & Magnesium powder! But watch out if you're still eating dairy products, because you throw off that ratio when you eat them [as in cheese products] to a 10:1 ratio, instead of a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium - which is what is needed by those with CFS! If you eat dairy products, you'll need to take even more magnesium or you'll be magnesium depleted.

    Plus I've found that those patients who have CFS, plus have a Horse-shoe Kidneys or are in Kidney Failure; can get too much Magnesium, those people need their RBC Magnesium monitored frequently by their doctors!

    Warning: All you who don't have CFS, my doctors repeatedly are telling me that a NORMAL person [as in someone without, CFS] would induce a heart attack by taking as much magnesium as we CFS sufferers have to take!

    I am NOT a doctor, but I know because all of these things have happened to me; I'm not unknowledgeable either, I have worked as an LPN previously! I also had been through all of an RN's training, except for the last quarter; because I had been shy of !% to be able to complete it, a lousy 3 points! Oh well, now I'm unable to do any kind of work because of the amount of cell death & destruction that I've had; I just lay on top of my bed all day & all night, the vast majority of the time! I can still walk, but quickly run out of my ATP; end up having what almost feels exactly like having a low blood sugar reaction except much more more scary feeling [break out in a sweat, increase in my dizziness, increase in confusion & disorientation, my face turns either red or white, eyes go bloodshot, shakiness, skin looks sunburned reddened, then [if I don't take the d-Ribose, Magnesium powder, & Calcium fast enough] throwing up [usually racked dry heaves, because I don't eat alot; because always nauseas, no appetite]! Yet my body knows what I need, as soon as I mix it all up in some water & drink it the throwing up instantly stops~

    That is what happens if you've had so much cell death & destruction from CFS that your Mitochondria have developed the faulty switchover from aerobic metabolism to nonaerobic glycolysis; & you have it occur so much, because you're unable to make enough ATP & are using them up faster than you can make them now! Which is why it's so very important for people to be diagnosed with this condition as soon as possible to their pre-disposing factor's having happened; begin taking what they need to make their ATP, rather than continuing on trying & damaging or killing their cells off!

    It is my personal opinion now, because of my condition always ending in the above if I get too low ATP; that I honestly believe now that probably almost everyone who throws up when they die, died because of CFS without any ATP's left for their heart to keep on going! I believe those individuals are just the poor undiagnosed individuals who'd suffered from their Mitochondria failing! [see the article mentioned in my postings on this site about what CFS really is]

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