Put Jesus Back In Christmas

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    Put Jesus Back In Christmas

    Christmas Eve is just around the corner
    And I wonder what it will bring.
    Will God fill our hearts to overflowing,
    As He did one night when angels sang?

    Will we think of all our blessings
    And remember many do without?
    Or, will Christmas be a cold season;
    Because we left dear Jesus out?

    Be sure to tell someone you love them.
    Make the time to serve your fellow man.
    Thank the Lord, above, you're living;
    Clinging a little tighter to His Hand.

    Can't you hear a world that's crying?

    Can't you feel the yearning across the land,

    To put Jesus back into Christmas?
    Let's put Jesus in Christmas, once again.

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
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    thank you!