Put through a 10 hr Interogation Yesterday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 00a7370, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. 00a7370

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    I just need to vent!!! I was at a deposition for over 10 hours yesterday. My workers comp attorney has put in two claims for me. I had no idea what I was walking into! The female attorney that was questioning me seemed to have such venom and disdain for me from the minute she walked in. I was made to feel like a criminal!

    I have been a loyal employee of this company for 23 years. I have had physical problems for almost all of those 23 years due to repetitive motion and stress. I never once filed a workers comp case or missed very much work even though these injuries occurred at the workplace.

    All of those years I thought I had a bad back and neck. However, after my hard fall in the parking structure at work, on September 11. I now realize that I have had fibromyalgia all of these years and that all of those repetitive motions and stress have exacerbated the situation quite a bit.

    I tried to go back to work but could not. The last day I was at work, I broke down in tears because I was in such excruciating pain, and it became very evident that I cannot work any longer.

    To have to sit in an upright position for that length of time and treated like I was some type of malingerer or liar was unbearable. I broke down and started crying several times. At one point, my attorney had stepped out to make a phone call, and I had my head down on the conference room table crying hysterically. The opposing attorney and the stenographer were making small talk about what restaurants they like to go to and what they were going to do on the weekend. It's as if I wasn't there. Which hurt more than anything.

    I have always had a very strong work ethic. All of my reviews have been excellent for 23 years, and it is obvious that I'm a very loyal employee.

    She went as low as to say that they weren't going to pay me any more money. After several phone calls from my attorney, they agreed to pay me in the meantime.

    I have never been so insulted and treated so badly before in my life! Maybe some of you can relate to this. I would love to get some feedback. Thanks for listening.
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  2. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Wow, I don't know how you did it! That must have been terribly hard.

    What a horrible way to be treated. I'm surprised they were willing to stay for 10 hours!

    I hope the outcome is more positive.

    Are you filing for SSD?

    Take care
  3. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I have to go back for another full day depo in May and they are making me see their MD who probably is old school and knows nothing about fibro.
  4. annaleeb

    annaleeb New Member

    wish I could give you a soft hug, I am so sorry they put you through all of that. I hope you are doing better today.
  5. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    To top it off: I got the results of rheumatologist today and he said that I have "soft tissue rheumatosis". What does that mean: Is it fibromyalgia?
  6. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    How insulting. Broke my heart to hear your story. You having your head on the table crying and them making small talk on the other side!! Terrible we have to go through this and after being a loyal employee all those years. I know exactly what you mean we work through the pain with repetitive injuries and there what do you get in the end for being a dedicated worker, treated like this!!

    It's like we need good health to stick up for ourselves and fight the system.

    Just to let you know you have our support. I'm with you all the way.

  7. kat1957

    kat1957 New Member

    I am so sorry to hear what you went through! I too don't know how you stood it. :-(

    It is true that loyalty doesn't seem to mean much to most companies. I worked in the office once of a well known temp agency and was horrified at how some of the temp workers were treated that got hurt. The manager talked about them like they were liars and cheats. Made me sick! These companies don't want to pay out any workers comp claims because it increases their premiums. But it isn't fair that someone who has worked for a company 25 years is treated like that. I didn't work for that company very long because I just felt dirty with how they treated people. Not just with workers comp claims either.

    I hope you get compensated fully for what happened. And this is little consolation but they would have treated anyone the same way. But I know it hurts. :-(

  8. skikat

    skikat New Member

    i remember when i went for my disability hearing. our desk was close to the door of the big room and the judge was on the other end. i didnt know that our table was wired, and after 30 minutes i couldnt sit! i leaned over and asked my attorney if i could judt please stand up for a little bit as i couldnt stand it. THE JUDGE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID , OF COURSE MS.----- IF YOU NEED TO STAND UP , WALK , MOVE AROUND, DO SO BY ALL MEANS! so it actually helped for me to tell them the pain of just sitting in one position was too much. we have to take thing into our own hands! dont let anyone abuse you. tell them, you are sick, not insane! hugs.... ski
  9. annaleeb

    annaleeb New Member

    Oh dear, I am sorry, I really do not know what they meant by that! I was just tested for RA and lupus, all came back neg, ugg. I have had osteo for a few years now.......I see a new rhummy on friday, wish me luck, I wish you the best!
  10. cct

    cct Member

    Have Americans (corporations, govenment, doctors, lawyers, etc)always acted this horribly to its tax-paying product-producing money-generating citizens? I have never before heard the kinds of horror stories that I have heard, and experienced, since becoming disabled with ME/CFS/FM.

    It is unbelievable. How can people treat other people in this manner? Where is simple human compassion?

    Something has gone terribly wrong in this country when it is okay to treat good people with such distain and disrespect. I am appalled by the behavior and tactics of the attorney's and the court officials. Shame on them!

  11. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the support.

    In my search it implies that it is from repetitive motions but basically the same as fibro. I think the rheumy was trying to help in this case because that is what second claim is for.

    The first claim was for my fall in the parking lot.

    It means the world to me that you'all are there.........
  12. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member

    I dont know about you guys but I cant even sit up for 10 hours let alone stay awake. No matter if they find fibro now or not.....you fell at work hurting yourself. This may well have exacerbated your symptoms. When I have to go see a new doctor I used this site to research all of the fibro/CFS articles I can find, print them out, make copies and send them (or give them) to the physician so he is having to deal intelligently with your condition. Also, go to WebMD so it doesnt look like you are stacking the cards from a fibro site. Take as much information as you can,make sure its relatively easily understood by the layperson and highlight your symptoms. If you can, put together an algorythm (flow sheet) of your symptoms and pain prior to and after the accident. Put your pain on the grid ie 8/10, 6/10 etc. Keep track of your symptoms, pain, activity each day in a little booklet. GO ARMED. THIS IS YOUR BATTLE AND YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE

    If you have to get up and stretch, lay down on the floor or put your head down on the table do it. (If you are in front of an Admin Judge, ask permission of the court. Here in Ca., an Insurance company was recently penalized and a worker awarded several million dollars because they refused to honor her pension benefits when she was no longer able to work. Once the jury and judge saw that the patient couldnt even sit, but had to lay down in the court room, it was game over for the insurance company. Even though you know something is yours, you earned it, you paid into, you may still have to fight like heck to get it. But fight intelligently. If you have told them you cant sit up for more than an hour, dont at a depo or hearing. Same with other body positions. They are watching for that as well as your facial expressions. If you need to take your medicine for pain, take it and make sure they know you had to take it.....if you have breakthrough medicine and you have to take that, do it and tell them why. And yes, watch out for their Private Investigators!. If you cant lift dont even lift mail if someone comes to the door to hand it to you. My friend got nailed cause a non mailman handed her her mail and she took it. That was enough to have her case thrown out, believe it or not. (Im sure it was illegal but she wont fight)

  13. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    Thanks so much.

    The worker's comp rheumy diagnosed me with Soft tissue rheumatosis. I don't know if that works agains my case or not. I understand that it is an antiquated term for fibro. I'm going to keep a journal everyday of symptoms and am going to try and remain calm throughout this awful, demoralizing experience.
  14. inCATnito

    inCATnito New Member

    As previously stated on the board, we all feel your pain! This is going to be your fight, give it all you've got. I had carpal tunnel surg, tried to return to medical transcription. Then a cervical fusion w/a plate, tried to return to transcription. Lastly a back fusion with a bone graft from my hip, I gave up. Top this off with other prior orth surgeries, fibro and then lastely Hepatitis C...it was too much. I applied for SSDI after 2 yrs of not working, it took another 2-1/2 yrs appealing denials and then getting a Disability atty. I won my case eventually. I even tried TX for HepC which is basically a form of chemo therapy. I couldnt hack it, was too sick and a non-responder. It helped when I went to court before the judge to have letters from my former employers/co-workers stating what type of employee I was and how I did my work as best as I could through all of these health issues. My Mom appeared as a witness testifying how these ailments and lack of respect from SSDI and other entities (Social Services) had affected my self esteem and personality. I can say I am not the same person I used to be. Despite the illnesses or perhaps because of them, I can relate to others and "hear them" when they are hurting. The world overall does not value commitment, loyalty, or hard work; qualities seemingly gone the way of the world certainly for the worse. I have found some of the best advice and support on internet support groups. The Worker's Comp Atty sounds just like my Exhusband's atty, who also lashed out at me (while I'm wearing a back brace following surg), that I was a leech and that there was nothing wrong with me and no reason I couldnt return to work (hence there was no reason for me to even ask for alimony) which was awarded but never collected (that's another story). God Bless and keep on keeping on.

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