Putting On The Ritz

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    If you're blue and you don't know
    Where to go to, why don't you go
    Where fashion sits?
    Puttin' on the Ritz

    Another hit by Irving Berlin. Fred Astaire danced to it in the film
    Blue Skies. And other great dancers have followed in his footsteps,
    e.g. Clark Gable and Frankenstein's monster (Mel Brooks film).
    All and more can be seen on Youtube.

    So let's look at fashion. What was fashionable in the past that is no
    longer seen. Or at least not seen so often. Some of my answers,
    especially with regard to ladies' wear, may not be quite right. Feel
    free to comment, correct or clarify.


    Women: The bustle; granny dress; mini skirt; hoop skirt;
    sweater set; pop it beads; cloche hats.

    Men: Spats; top hats; (actually most hats); bow ties; sleeve garters;
    rugby shirts.

    Both sexes: saddle shoes; double breasted suits; full length bathing

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    Don't know how to post pics on here, but maybe someone else could find them. :)

    My ideas for Ladies are:

    Cinch belts
    Neck scarfs
    Poodle skirts
    Pearl necklaces
    Back line stockings ('40's style)/Garters)


    Nehru jackets
    Leisure suits
    Skinny neckties
    Powdered wigs
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    Very good, GB. I'd forgotten all about crinolines and poodle skirts. They
    were popular when I was in High School. Those crinolines could sure
    jam up traffic in the High School hallway. Three or 4 girls could bring
    traffic to a halt. All accompanied by shrieks and giggles and boys
    pretending to be outraged.

    I remember one girl had a poodle skirt with a real leash and collar
    round the poodle's neck. I think there were some faux jewels on
    that collar. No doubt all the other girls wanted one like it.

    Re: how to copy images, do you want me to post instructions here. I
    tried to send you a conversation massage, but it won't send.


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    Four kids in the back seat; two with crin0lines?! Mama Mia! Hard to

    OK, GB, here's how to copy an image/photo. First thing is to find an
    image that will copy. Some won't. Some will (like the ones at IMDB)
    but then they disappear after a day or so. The ones at Wikipedia work
    well. And if you search on Yahoo (Not ASK) you get good images.
    Type in the subject followed by "images". To wit: Meet Me in St.
    Louis, images.


    You can post the picture on the board. But when I'm doing several pictures,
    I store them in my mail box. Click on compose, post the picture there, then
    click on Drafts, and the pic is saved for later transfer to the board, or an
    e mail, etc.

    Be sure to put the title of the picture where the subject line is for the
    e mail. I had a lot of trouble when I put more then one pic into
    the e mail box, so now I only do one regardless of size. Each pic
    gets a separate box.

    Oh yeah. You will find some pics get so big when you post them that
    you don't want them after all. Put the cursor next to the pic and hit
    back space. It will disappear.

    Ok, so you have a pic you want to copy. Put the cursor on it and click
    the right button on the mouse. A drop down menu will appear. Left
    click on "copy image". When you want to print the picture go to
    the mail box or the board. Right click. When the drop down menu
    appears, click on "paste". It's much simpler than it sounds from all
    these instructions.

    It's sometimes difficult to get the pictures where you want them in
    a post. Just experiment.

    Good luck [​IMG]
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    Hi Kiddo

    I sure hope the new chair is better than the last one. I'd like to get another
    recliner, but there's no room in this old house. Gordon's mother spent
    decades filling it with junk, and Gordon is reluctant to get rid of any
    of it.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hi Kids

    Those were colorful duds from our past, Soul. The top one looks a lot
    like a child's playsuit. Here are some pics of jabots. Frills or ruffles at
    the neck. An episode of the British TV series Are You Being Served
    featured a spat over same.



    How about girdles? I don't know if gals still wear them or not. Maybe
    they have been replaced by Spanx. There was an episode on them on
    that new Betty White Show Hot In Cleveland. Recently read it has
    now been cancelled.

    High top sneakers. [​IMG]

    The only kind available when I was in High School. By the time I was
    in college, everybody was wearing the low cut white variety.

    Detachable white shirt collars for men. Popular in the 19th century.

    Tie dyed shirts.
    Wide brimmed hats. (Both sexes, I guess.)
    White bucks and blue suede shoes. I had white bucks in 10th grade.
    Loved 'em. Of course I looked really cool in them.

    Never heard of palazzo pants, Diane. I guess they were sorta popular
    in the 80s. I read that palazzo means building. Don't know why
    it applies to pants though. Not to be confused with piazza which
    means town square. There was a novel followed by a movie when I was
    a teen titled The Light in the Piazza. The movie starred Olivia de Haviland
    (Melanie in GWTW) and Rossano Brazzi (Emile De Becque in South Pacific).