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    I did get your post, tried to get back to you, and hopefully you were snoozing away. (-:

    finally took some Ativan and got a few hours of sleep; then after I awoke, I went downstairs, sat in my recliner and slept for another hour. I feel like a truck ran over me. Don't know the answer, but my DH is sleepy this PM so I think it's back to the sack for the both of us. The weather is foggy and cool...a perfect lay-back day.

    How often do you go to your recliner? I also have a recliner that is my salvation. Actually, since we bought our new mattress, my back is feeling much better so when I go down it's not because of that...it's because I can't stand staring at the ceiling. Also, I'm a wiggle worm and I don't want to disturb my dear, dear husband. The cat, who sleeps at the foot of our bed, is always so happy to see my wake up! Purring, stretching, following me around, eating a bit, and then I let him out for a bit. At least someone is happy about this. (-:

    Wish we could figure this all out. I have another doctor's appointment in a couple weeks, and I'm going to really concentrate on sleep. Keep you informed about the results.

    Hope your day is OK.


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