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    Well, I'm really new at this, but from what I understand the symptoms are as follows (and you must meet all symptoms to be diagnosed):

    1. Ringing or roaring in ears.
    2. Hearing loss.
    3. Feeling of fullness in ears.
    4. Episodes of vertigo.

    I went in to see the ENT because of extreme dizziness. He ran a hearing test and also some other tests. One of the tests measured my "muscle contractions" within my inner ear. Turned out they said I was very sensitive to "loud noises" per that test, and that it is that test that usually alerts them that someone may have Meniere's. That test, in addition to my symptoms, are what gave me the diagnosis.

    Apparently, the THEORY is that someone with Meniere's is holding too much salt in their inner ear which in turn causes too much fluid. That's what the diuretic is for. He told me that it may or may not help me. But it is possible that it could help the dizziness and the ringing in the ears.

    By the way, he said it does run in families and that it is CONNECTED TO CFS.

    Hope this helps. Can't remember if you had any other questions.

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    Thank you. I didn't see your post until now. I really appreciate you answering my questions. I hope the treatment goes well for you.

    My dad is going to see a specialist soon to get checked for Meniere's disease. My mom and I don't think that is what he has though. And from what you are describing I don't think that is it.

    He doesn't have all of the symptoms you described. He has dizziness and is foggy feeling which doesn't match up. His dizziness is a light headed dizziness and not a vertigo type.

    Plus I dont think he is having trouble with his ears at all (at least he has not told my mom of any). So it doesn't sound like that is what he is experiencing. I think they just want to check and be sure though since his brother has Meniere's.

    So it is connected to CFS...I guess I better keep a close watch on myself since my uncle has it.

    Thanks for the info!!!

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