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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mjbean, May 28, 2008.

  1. mjbean

    mjbean New Member

    I went to the doctor today after missing 2 days of work ,(my boss was not to happy) so anyway the Dr gave me toradol shot and new script and told me i really should try pyhsical therapy for muscles and spasms.. Has anyone else had luck with this?
  2. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    mjbean...i have fm/cfs and my specialist doctor advise was no physical therapy. course my family doctor thought physical therapy might be an option?!?

    i went with my specialists advice of no physical therapy, after all he is the specialist.

    i managed to anger my family doctor because i didn't follow his advice and ended up with a new family doctor. at least she is knowledgable of fm and has worked with my fm doctor on many cases....whew!!

    i have seen many posts though where a lot of relieve is provided thru PT. If you go, find a PT that is familiar with fm!


  3. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I had to go to physical therapy due to a shoulder injury I suffered in February. My Dr. gave me a cortizone shot and then recommended I try it. I lasted 3 session before I went into a huge flare.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not doing that again!

    I hope it works for you.

  4. phototaker

    phototaker New Member

    I could NEVER do PT unless someone put their hands on me first.

    Literally loosening up my muscles before I could do anything. I know there is not much on this site about PRRT
    "Primal Reflex Release Technique". But I tried it (after I found out that there indeed WAS a trained PT in the field in my area) It HAS helped me.

    Don't get me wrong. It hasn't by any means "cured" me. But my pain level has dropped and (so far) it has stuck. I am sleeping in a "deeper" sleep.

    My last visit was in early March. I could tell after my 1st visit it had helped me some. I had no idea it would "maintain". It never hurt. And, they accepted my insurance and Medicare.

    May not be for everyone. But it was a good experience for me. No excercises involved. And he's NOT a chiro. He's a licensed PT that has to be trained in this technique.

    I still take the same meds, but I can tell my migraines have lessoned. THAT! was huge for me. And after 14 years of fibro.. I'll take anything that gives me a fraction of relief!

    Best of luck to you!
  5. raven5000

    raven5000 New Member

    first tried regular PT for hip bursitis but that didn't work because the therapists couldn't get past my fibro pain and I was crying the whole time i was there and could barely walk when I left..

    Then tried warm water therapy with an FM specialist therapists which was reallyyy working wonderfully, but unfortunately was way too far for me to drive.

    We found a water therapy pool closer to me who said they treated fm patients, but when I got there the therapist made it clear to me that she was NOT an fm specialist. I just cancelled last two sessions, doctors orders, after seeing her two days ago. I have become much worse and have developed even MORE fm tender points, espicially around my lower legs and am experiencing more spasms and extreme exhaustion.

    I think now that the medicaid provided ride to hospitals and such will drive me there although they wouldn't at first, too far for them too, because there is no other fm specialist in my area. I'm crossing my fingers for that because just plain "floating" for 15 minutes with floatation devices helped enormously for me.

    Hope you have better luck than I and try to find someone who specializes with fm patients..the difference between the two water therapists tequniques was very evident.
  6. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Hello Mjbean!

    YES!! I have had WONDERFUL, life changing results with physical Therapy! It has helped my Fibro/CFS alot. (and believe me, I have a severe case of both illness'! ) My program consists of a LIGHT workout with light weights, 10 minutes of cardio, and HEAT for my neck and upper back, then a get a massage (which I found to be VERY helpful with the pain). BUT I tried 2 physical therapists who were TERRIBLE; until I found one who treated FIBRO patients. The other 2 places did not have a clue what fibro was! They started me out VERY slow with excersice, and built me up, adding excersices gradually. Also, my physical therapist does a MYOFASICAL MASSAGE (GREAT for FIBRO pain)...RESEARCH it on the net. It breaks up all of the 'knots' in your muscles. I go 2 times a week, and my insurance covers it!! On days where I am not up to doing the excersises, I just get some heat and massage; helps the pain! Also, they use a 'stim machine' which massages your muscles to help them feel 'loose'.

    Just my opinion, I would try it...Call ahead and see if they have any FIBRO patients, if not, call around (look in the phone book or network with others), and find a place that treats FMS/CFS patients.

    Good luck
    Keep us posted
  7. mjbean

    mjbean New Member

    the therapist talked to me and explained things very well to me and seems to be very experienced with fibro which is great.
    He did not push me past my limits it actually felt good to have someone massage the muscles with understanding the pain .
    I did get a migraine later in the day after therapy, but I will let him know at next session..
    Thanks everybody I don't know what I would do without everyones help..
  8. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I'm doing PT through my chiro. He also has me taking Ligaplex II to help repair ligaments tendons bones liver spleen heart kidneys brain sight pancreas thyroid adrenals and whatever else has been damaged from tears and years of abuse and/or neglect.

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