Pyroluria FM Connection?

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    Pyroluria that can cause many imbalances as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies from improper hemoglobin synthesis. I will be posting more information below...

    What is Pyroluria?

    "Pyroluria is a genetic blood disorder, a chemical imbalance, involving an abnormality in haemoglobin synthesis. Haemoglobin is a protein in the body, that holds iron in the red blood cell. During production of haemoglobin, there is a seemingly harmless byproduct created called Kryptopyrrole or what is now more specifically and accurately known as OHHPL, or HPL (hydroxyhemoppyrrolin-2-one). HPL is a chemical substance involved in the formation of heme, what makes blood red. In most individuals this byproduct is harmless and excreted in the urine. In Pyroluria levels of HPL multiply too rapidly, and systemically bind and block receptor sites to the nutrients Zinc and Vitamin B6. Kryptopyrroles (HPL) specifically seek out aldehydes to bind to, in this case Pyridoxine (vitamin B6). This duo does further damage by attaching itself to Zinc, forming a complex which is then eliminated via urine." See more here:

    Radio: The key words in the article that caught my eye was: " Kryptopyrroles (HPL) specifically seek out aldehydes to bind to, in this case Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)." Aldehydes toxicity may be a problem if you have a candida overgrowth...very common in FM.

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    Radio: Pyroluria (HPU) can be caused by pathogens that can depletion many co-factors needed by the body. What are the long term implication of having pyroluria and these chronic nutrient deficiency?

    Dietritch Klinghardt, M.D.'s presentation on HPU / KPU / Pyroluria, Lyme disease and Autism

    Dr Bill Walsh On Pyroluria & Chemical Imbalances - Outreach 2010 Bio-balance Health

    Pyroluria Infection Connection?

    What is Pyroluria, Kryptopyrroles and Pyrrole Disorder?
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    Radio: The Acetaldehyde Methylation Connection...?

    "Methionine synthase has a few potent inhibiting compounds and one is produced from Candida"

    "Candida albicans produces a toxic byproduct called acetylaldehyde.[1]"

    "Research cites:
    “Acetaldehyde-induced inhibition of liver methionine synthase activity is thus proposed as the most likely explanation of the reported in vivo effect of ethanol upon methionine synthase.”

    See more here: Methylation Inhibited by Candida's Toxin - MTHFR.Net

    UPDATE on Sept 19. 2013: "The writer over at Magnesium Advocacy Group made an excellent point about the need to support acetylaldehyde. While I mentioned acetylaldehyde inhibited methionine synthase, in my haste, I did not tell you how to eliminate the acetylaldehyde – which – sadly – is a mistake. I was so excited about the connection between methylation and yeast that I forgot to tell you how to mend it. Stupid right?"

    Read this article on how magnesium is essential to elimination of acetylaldehyde –" keep in mind that magnesium is not the only nutrient needed to support acetylaledyde elimination but it is a big player especially since many of us are deficient in it."
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    A good point about acetaldehyde and Met-synthase. Also the advice to reduce it with magnesium is very useful. Thanks
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