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    Interesting interview of CDC scentists:


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    CFS Central:
    “My sources tell me that there were at least 20 XMRV samples confirmed to be positive from several other labs that were sent to you for the CDC study. Did you test these samples, and what were your results when you tested the samples? Did you find XMRV or not?”

    Bill Switzer MPH, lead investigator of the CDC XMRV study:
    “As reported in Retrovirology, this study used and tested samples that were collected in CDC-sponsored studies of CFS, as well a set of healthy blood donors. Continued efforts are underway to learn more about XMRV, including work with other HHS [Health and Human Services] agencies and non-governmental organizations to standardize testing methods across all XMRV studies.”

    <BRHuh? I guess not, from what I can understand... why not a simple no and then an explanation...

    Another $10 word (inflation in education, you know) to describe their attitude:
    obdurate, as in
    "stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing" courtesy of FreeDictionary.com
    (one of the ways it can be used, yes there are other slightly different meanings)

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