Q? Possible Treatment Using Only Clavulanate Potassium?

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  1. franxis

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    Is it possible to treat CFS symptoms using only Clavulanate Potassium, and letting the body cure itself?

    Also, is it possible to combine enzyme therapy to assist instead of using anti-biotics?

    Many Thanks
  2. franxis

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    Is it possible to treat CFS symptoms using only Clavulanate Potassium, and letting the body cure itself?

    Also, is it possible to combine enzyme therapy to assist instead of using anti-biotics?

    Many Thanks
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    the clavulanate potassium stuff, never heard of it.

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    but I know from this board a lot of us (not including myself) have a potassium deficiency.
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    There are many organisms which produce the enzyme b-lactamase. This enzyme restricts IL-2 production in healthy cells and may restrict the effectiveness of anti-biotics like amoxicillin.

    Clavulanate Potassium inhibits b-lactamase from any number of these bacteria, making them susceptible to penicillins, where they would otherwise be ineffective.

    I am wondering if taking only Clavulanate Potassium in milder cases of PVF like I have has any benefit. Or that it would work as a good preventative from succumbing to PVF from working in closed environments. I notice that it is not available except added to anti-biotics. Because of the nature of my work, I am constantly sick from my environment. It is very possible that I contract just about every airborne bug know to man, but that my immunity(what's left of it) fights it off.

    I was recently prescribed amoxicillin/clavulanate. Though I relapsed, I found that this prescription made a huge difference in the way I felt almost right away. And this feeling persisted throughout the prescription. I was happy, hungry, interested in things. It was as if my senses had become unblocked and my worries seemed to diminish.

    There is some information out there on the web which says that CP helps people with HIV. I have a chronic infection of some kind, so I guess the next step will be another anti-biotic.

    Can anyone give me any details on this substance, and why it might not be such a good idea taken alone? Why are enzymes not used to treat chronic infections along with the substance?
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    Protects beta-lactam antibacterials (e.g. penicilins and cephalosporins) from enzymatic degradation

    additive to Augmentin and Amoxillin....for the above reason.
    What is the theory that it will help a body cure itself? Why?
    It can be purchased online---but I would sure want some extensive documentation--on it...clinicals...
    You said you were on antibiotics with it---what infection were you being treated for. I am confused...You said the environment you work in makes you ill.
    That you are exposed to all kinds of bugs.
    But that you immune system seems to be fighting off illness.
    You think you have some kind of infection
    What have blood test revealed?
    What are the symptoms of infection?
    Where do you think the infection is located?
    What did the doc say the last round of antibiotics were treating,....
    Sorry ..I just don't understand.
    But I am living proof that willy nilly antibiotic therapy....is really detrimental....
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    what the heck is PVF?

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    Thank-you for the responses, I think sometimes I am the only person facing fatigue. I have no familial support and must rely on my own devices. It is very encouraging to hear from somebody else.


    I don't doubt that willy nilly anti-biotic therapy may not be the answer. That is why I am concerned. I am supposing that using enzymes and chemical inhibitors like Clavulanate Potassium that restrict b-lactamase or any neurotoxin inhibitors to restrict substances created by organisms invading the body may be the way to go in my particular situation, instead of using anti-biotics. This is just speculation on my part and a hypothetical suggestion. I believe, however it may be a very GOOD suggestion.


    I have been taking enzymes and find they really help, though like many other supplements, they make me gain weight. I really liked Enada, because it gave me the energy to work through the post-onset period. It also made me gain weight, though and I stopped because it made me "speedy." (anxious, unable to sleep) I find the problem with enzymes is that they change my digestion. I have discovered that regular supplemenation of very mild vitamins and the use of enzymes helped to start the day. But for the moment, I am taking a break from supplementation and focussing on reducing my sugar intake.

    One supplement which I find not discussed is Hawthorne, which I take occaisionally included in a mild vitamin supplement called: "Vitamins For Your Blood Type (A)" Hawthorne has the effect of keeping me going all day with mild euphoric effects towards the end of the day somewhat similar to Enada. It is accompanied by sleep disruption afterwards, however so I restrict my use of it to days at the end of shift to get me through on really trying times.

    I have been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue, which current medical opinion in my location says there is very little you can do about it. It is actually called Chronic Fatigue.


    I have been with this condition for a year and when I first started out, I could barely walk to the Doctor's. It was like having a serious flu, but with overwhelming waves of fatigue and low energy. I felt well enough to work within a month, and luckily I was able to exercise my right of first refusal to limit my work days. I seriously considered going on disability, but my doctor always seemed skeptical of me. It seems that every doctor I have gone to (three different ones) cannot connect the dots and help me when I try to discuss symptoms.

    After a year and some I am able to carry out all of my chores without difficulty and go to work without problems. I found that roller blading once a week was an excellent way of keeping down my weight during summer, but I still cannot go to the gym four times a week as I had done prior to my PVF. I am one of those people who love to be athletic and take pride in enjoying sports, but this personal observance of discipline has been taken away from me.

    Nowadays, I find myself getting sick often, and many of my colleauges suffer from the "flu" so frequently that they are required to pay back hundreds of dollars in wages from taking more than the maximum allotted sick days in a year. But this is considered typical of my job function, though still frowned upon by the management.


    Recently, I had the good fortune to be diagnosed with some kind of urethral infection, due to an obvious, though slight inflammation.(wow! finally we get some action! sheesh!) I never really noticed it much, but my doctor could not discover any culuture, and blood assessments were negative.

    I have had several blood assessments, which all proved negative. I had been to see the doctor due to complaints of fatigue, night sweats, somewhat irritable bowels, insomnia. I have also had an ultra-sound to determine whether I had gallstones due to a possible inflamed pancreas.

    I also have a history of kidney stones, as did my father. I have also complained of a strange body odour which occompanies these symptoms, but which I am now afraid to even reveal, because doctors always smile at me like I am an idiot, so I don't tell anyone. In the course of working with the public I have noticed the very same odour, so I can't be mistaken.

    I liken the body's normal odour to be sweet-as-bread, but the abnormal odour to be more like a burnt plasticky or diesel-smell. I have noticed the same odour in public on someone in close proximity. It is immediately recognizable. I used to take B vitamins and this would magnify the sweet-as-bread odour, but nowadays I can take any amount of B vitamins and they have no effect, save yellowing my urine.

    I was commonly told over and over that it is all just in my mind and that these are stress related illnesses and to seek psychotherapy.

    Initially I was prescribed metronidazole for the inflammation. I found this drug effective in the short term, but which caused diahrea after a few days. I found metronidazole to be very strong medicine. The night sweats disappeared and my digestion became normal very quickly before the onset of diahrea. But the inflammation returned as well as my other symptoms of abdominal pains once the therapy ended.

    Later, when I was under amoxicillin/clavulanate, the medecin was not as strong and seemed to act more slowly. But the inflammation went away and my digestion became normal. The one thing I did notice however was how much improved psychologically I felt, to which I attribute the clavulanate potassium. It was as if a childhood energy had been returned to me which I had not experienced in a long time. The one thing I did notice is that my sleep pattern was returning to normal after so long. This was a much different regime than metronidazole. But with the ending of therapy, I experienced a relapse.


    I have since relapsed, but remember the effects of my therapy and wanted to share my experiences. I am also hoping that someone with expertise can comment in some way and offer their opinion.

    Best Regards,

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