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  1. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I went for cystogram today. Bladder was fine no infection. Uro confirmed that I had had a really bad reaction to the CIPRO and that the chest pains and back pain(which are now gone) as well as the diareah were from that no doubt. He wrote scrip for Flagyl just in case there is Colistridum Difficile.

    I went and did a stool test at the lab, and would you know it? After days of pooping every time I went near a toilet, I could NOT get sample done. After some coaxing involving some creative maneuvres too gross to mention I managed to obtain a couple of pea sized samples. The stool test is for the Colistridum D.

    Now here is my question, I want to wait till tomorrow and see what the test results are, I do not want to just take the Flagyl. I had to take that years ago for giardia infection and it was horrible.

    Any ideas/suggestions here, any experiences? I know I have been hogging the board with these posts, but hopefully this will be the last question for now.....

    BTW He IS a greta doc this one, and he said that often severe chest pain and rib pain IS coming from the colon that runs across under the diaphram-I mention this as I know several people here have those pains that run round the ribs into the back and under below the arms.

    IT is cold here. Love Anne C
  2. fivesue

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    I do get that pain under my ribs and in my chest, etc. And, I have diverticular disease and have just gotten over an infection in my colon. It make so much sense that this would cause this pain.

    So...thank you for posting that. And, I'm glad you have a good doctor. The other group was not very good at all!

    Feel better.

  3. code34me

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    I had got Colistridium Diffcile before and it was awful! I was put on Flagyl and my symptoms got worse! I lost 20 pounds during that infection. I was put in the hospital and my doctor put my on Vancomycin (think that is the correct spellling?) The very next day I felt better it was a miracle!!!!
    My point is that Flagyl made me so much worse and I would not take it unless you have a confirmed infection. If you take it and dont have an infection the next time you do it could not work well for you becasue we build up a tolerance for antibiotics.

    Ask you do abaout Vacomycin it was more powerful but did not have the bad side effects of Flagyl

    Good Luck with test
  4. lucky

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    It is the first time that I read that somebody also has a diverticular disease on this board, so I thought that I drop you a line.
    I have trouble with diverticulitis which does not seem to heal anymore, it is always there, however I can control it a little with ginger, etc. My doctor wants to do a colonoscopy to find out how severely the colon is affected and talked about operation. I am so reluctant and wondered how you are handling your symptoms.

    Thanks, best regards, Lucky
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    This is strange. Ever heard that expression "Scraed the ....out of me" Well maybe the suggestion I go on Flagyl did just that as my diareah miraculously cleared up yesterday afternoon....(LOL)

    So no Flagyl for me!

    Love Anne C

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