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    just wondering of your still seeing DR K? and how are things going. im still debating on who to see.
    so far your the only one i have spoken to that has actual info about a Tx DR. the other two sound really qualified & great.but since you have first hand knowlege of DR K im more interested in him.

    i have my Igenex test which was cdc neg, but still would like a second opinion on it. anyways sorry to ramble on, just wondering how you were doing with DR K
    Thanks, Kat
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    I'm sorry to hear your having such a rough time of it. Yes stress is a killer for sure! in fact the last time i was under undue stress ( Family also) i got really sick again.

    i was scheduled to see Dr F. in Louisiana this month on the 30th, but my Uncle had to have open heart surgery a couple days ago in Houston, so i've been with the Family. and will have to help as soon as we can get him home.

    so i cancelled my appt with him until August. Hes almost 200 more expensive to see than your doc, so i was thinking about going to see him instead.

    even tho they say my Lyme test is neg, ( i still havent seen it) i feel i need to at least get that 2nd opinion from an LLMD. as far as mycoplasma. DR Salvato has done tests for that, and as far as i know i dont have any.

    but at the rate that office is going i wouldnt be surprised if they have missed something. the only thing she has found so far, is sometimes my ebv levels are elevated, but not to an extreme extent, the lesions on the brain, pos ana's, that's mostly it.

    ooh i'd like to read that Article she wrote also, where did ya find it at? you know that really ticks me off, it's kinda disheartning to know she feels that way.

    although it must be frustrating to any Dr to have a patient he can't fix, but dang that's harsh saying were pains in the neck!!

    but im pretty much stuck with her also,lol. at the very least, she helps my pain somewhat, helps with anxiety, and does lots of workups so at least i know im not sitting here with some new & frightning disease that i just write off as fibro/cfs.

    I'm also on Bio identicals, and a few things for my shot adrenals.so theres not much more for me to do but see the LLMD and see what they say.

    thanks so much for responding, i sure appreciate all the info.and i hope your stress level get's back to normal soon!!
    i guess i should look for a neuro also, (sigh) also what is SCIO?? i too have had numerous cat's. is that like cat scratch fever???

    with all these co infections & stuff, it get's pretty overwhelming, im doing the Humaworm cleanse right now, trying to kill off whatever i can just in case i may have to get on abx.i honestly don't know what else to do.
    Keep in touch & thanks again :)