"Qigong" a natural remedy for pain......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lmn, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. lmn

    lmn New Member

    Hi all,

    I just read an article from Prevention about "Qigong", a type of Chinese therapy with simple, mild movements. A recent study showed that women suffering from FM experienced 73% less pain after just 5-7 sessions. The study co-author, Afton Hassett, PSYD, said, "I've never seen pain scores drop so dramatically".

    Check it out by googling Qigong Research Society, or find a teacher through the National Qigong Association (google it).
    There is also an at home video you can purchase on Amazon called "Qigong Beginning Practice" by Francesco Garripolis.
    This aritcle claims that you start with 1 hour per day, and once you get the hang of it you cut back to 20-30 minutes per day.

    Has anyone heard of this? The thought of having 73% less pain and cutting out all pain meds sounds like a dream come true! I will check it out and keep you posted!
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  2. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    I know a lot of people who do it in boston and they swear by it.

    I practice a form of chi gong or rather a deviation called tong ren and it really helps alot. I am off all supplements where before I thought I would die if I wasn't on them.
  3. Skyemberr

    Skyemberr New Member

    Yeah, it is definitely helpful. The hardest part is remembering to do it every day!
  4. lmn

    lmn New Member

    i will be visiting amazon right after i post this. thank you so much for your positive feedback!!
  5. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I am interested in this as well. I read an article recently about how to heal from illness and part of the healing protocol was Qigong (specifically chi lei which is a type of Qigong). I started looking it up and it sounded good from what I was reading. I am glad to see that some people here have tried it and had good results.

    Can anyone recommend a specific DVD? I would like to try this out but would like to know if anyone has a specific DVD that they have already tried first.

    Thanks for posting about this lmn!

  6. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    More like three to five minutes.

    Being CFS'd, I haven't been able to do an hour of anything involving standing for about 3 years now.

    I got a dvd from the library of Qi gong for the elderly and ill (and had to do that in stages too), and it's done mostly sitting on a stool with room to move your arms in all directions. Sorry but I can't remember the name now.
  7. harmony21

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    I have trouble with the movements, I forget which way to go, I have no sense of direction and then I got stressed out when I cant remember what the movements are so I gave up!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    I know I shouldnt do that but please forgive I just cant I will some time

    good luck to all


    ps I think its like tai chi, man I cant remember and my son does kung fu etc, he is going to kill me

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  8. lmn

    lmn New Member

    The article I read in Prevention suggested "Qigong Beginning Practice" by Francesco Garripolis. You can find it on Amazon along with other Qigong dvds. Nice thing is you can read reviews from people who have tried it as well as find other dvds on the same subject. I just ordered the Garripolis dvd about 10 minutes ago.

    I also checked the NQA website to find a Qigong teacher in my area but the closest instructor is an hour away. Needless to say I won't be taking a class.....

    Good luck to us all!

  9. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Thanks Laura! I didn't know that video was recommended by the magazine. I will have to check it out. I did see that it had good reviews on Amazon so that is a good sign. Hopefully it is easy enough for us with CFS and Fibro to handle. Please let me know how the video is once you try it out. I am sure I will end up ordering it myself.

    I really would be excited to find something like this to do. I tried yoga a couple years ago but it kept hurting my back in the same spot so I must have been doing it wrong. I was just following a video so I didn't have anyone to tell me if I was doing something wrong or not. It was a beginners DVD and was simple to follow so who knows what I did haha.

    I did look up the NQA and there was one guy in my area but he didn't have any classes on his website...just seminars that were long and expensive. So hopefully a dvd will work out ok.

    Let me know how you do with it.

    Pam :)
  10. lmn

    lmn New Member

    I will definitely let you know how it works out. You do the same, ok? The study cited in the magazine included only women with FM, so I'm hoping I won't have a problem with it. I want to share a quote with you that the person from NQA sent to me when we ended our correspondence about Qigong:

    "Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it turned into a butterfly." -Chinese Proverb

    This quote struck me; maybe we are the caterpillars, and Qigong is the instrument by which we will become butterflies!

    I will be in touch....

  11. kooky2

    kooky2 New Member

    I would like to hear from those of you who received Medical Qi Gong from a practitioner, and those who learned slowly, and gently, any type of Qi Gong moves.

    May thanks,


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